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One-Piece English/Metric Rain Gauge. Save water. Save money. Grow green.

Sporting a green thumb while making green choices is easier than you think. The wise use of water in both lawn and garden optimizes plant growth and reduces use of one of the worlds most precious resources. Smart watering is an easy way to boost your image among both your gardening and eco-conscious friends. Proper watering makes your garden look good and conserving makes you feel good.

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An easy way to measure current water useage and adjust to more efficient water levels is to place a few of our rain gauge's around your yard. We recommend one for each zone of your watering system.

Our One-Piece English/Metric Rain Gauge is bright yellow making it easy to spot for checking, and is UV resistant for durability. The one piece design makes it simple to install and use, and it shows both English and Metric units up to 5 cm / 2.0 inches.

The rule of thumb is a lawn needs about one inch of water per week. Check with your nursery for specific plant requirements and adjust your watering accordingly.

Tip: Empty the rain gauge on a weekly basis to keep an accurate measurement and to avoid mosquitoes.

Bright yellow UV-resistant one-piece rain gauge
Increments in both English and Metric units of measurement up to 5 cm / 2.0 inches
Measure rainfall and adjust lawn/garden watering accordingly
No assembly required – just push in the ground and go!

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