Rainforest Spa Gift Bags

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These striking Rainforest Spa Gift Bags are filled with soothing natural & organic bath and relaxation treats. Unwind from the stress of everyday life and support rainforest preservation!


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These beautiful bamboo print bags are handmade from Mulberry Bark, which naturally peels off from the trunk of the tree. No trees were destroyed to make these earth-friendly bags! All colors are made from non-toxic dyes. Available in two sizes:

Size A: Rainforest bath crystals, natural aromatherapy coconut lime soap with essential oils, organic cotton wash cloth, unscented beeswax candle in recyclable tin, and small loofah.

Size B: Rainforest Bath Crystals, Rainforest Lotion, natural aromatherapy coconut lime soap with essential oils, bamboo soap dish, organic cotton wash cloth, natural brush, large loofah, and rainforest brazil nut pod scented candle.

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