Rainwater Offers Precious Runoff that Can be Captured and Stored in Your Garden

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Capture rainwater

As annoying as this is, some places don’t allow residents to capture rain water. Apparently rain water is owned by the state or something. I better get back on point, because that is ludricrous and can really get me going on a tangent. All Western states in the US, except Colorado and Utah, give you the freedom to catch and use rainfall. Some jurisdictions even require it in some cases. Look into your area’s legislation.

Sidenote: If you live in Arizona look into income-tax credits that might cover up to 25% (up to $1,000) of the cost of rainwater-capture systems.

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Okay, for those of you wanting collect rainwater there are several options available depending on where you live, what you hope to accomplish and how you plan on using it.

Pure Copper Ring Rain Chain - Most Popular On AmazonReplace Your Ugly Downspout with a More Pleasing Rain Chain

Rain chains originated in Japan hundreds of years ago. In addition to being functional as it helps rain follow a course in efforts to catch rainwater, rain chains are also attractive alternatives to raingutters and downspouts. You’ll have the opportunity to listen as the water “dances” down your 6′ double link rain chain. The sound of rain is truly a serene sensation.

Rain chains can easily be installed into pre-existing rain gutters on most American homes. You’ll first need to remove the existing rain gutter downspout. And don’t forget to secure the bottom of the rain chain to avoid it blowing when raining.

With the many benefits of rain chains, it’s no surprise these have lasted the centuries and have finally become popular in the United States.

Install a Rain Barrel to Capture Rainwater

You’ll have plenty of rainwater collected to irrigate houseplants or pots on your deck with a rain barrel. These tend to hold between 50 and 60 gallons each. You can use a recycled wine barrel like the one shown, and add an intake line, spigot, overflow attachment, screen cover to keep leaves out, and removeable solid cover.

Recycled wine barrels can make a wonderful rain barrel. This convenient pop-up rain barrel can store up to 60 gallos of water.

Add a Cistern to Capture up to 1,200 Gallons!

Texas Metal Cisterns - $380 for 200-gallon size to $1,070 for  1,200-gallon size.Did you know that 1″ of rain puts about 600 gallons of water atop a 1,000 square foot house? That’s a lot of rainwater to capture and a cistern can do the trick. Captured directly from a downspout, or rain chain, a cistern will have your garden water ready.

These cisterns collect rainwater from a nearby roof and when the tanks are full water is dispersed through a gravity-fed drip system that irrigates crops.

The cisterns pictured to the left are from Texas Metal Cisterns.

$380 for 200-gallon size to $1,070 for 1,200-gallon size.

Source: Sunset Magazine

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