Recycled Hair Clippings Are Being Made Into Products that Soak Up Spilled Oil by Matter of Trust

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From April 20 to 24, almost all of the Paul Mitchell Schools in the US are offering $10 to $15 haircuts then donating the hair to Matter of Trust in San Francisco.


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About a pound of recycled hair has the potential in making a hair mat that will have the ability to soak up a quart of oil, and then reused 100 times. It's a very efficient method to help clean up emergency oil spills using recycled hair. And with thousands of salons mailing their hair clippings, it's much safer for our planet than tossing that hair into a landfill. Hair is very adsorbent and will "cling to" whatever it is meant to be collecting. Started in 2000, the Hair for Oil Spills Program is still going strong. Many salons will reuse the box they received shampoo in, line it with a plastic garbage bag, and fill it with hair (preferably washed) – picking up the shipping costs.

Paul Mitchell Schools are shipping their daily discarded hair off the floors and helping this creative initiative. The average hair salon cuts an average of one pound of hair per day, and with over 300,000 hair salons in the United States can you imagine how many hair mats can be created? If you're the owner of a salon, barber, dog groomer, wig maker, or waste wool business, you could be helping too. Matter of Trust will accept other "natural fibers" such as dog fur from groomers, horse hair, feathers, and waste wool.

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