Recycled Tin Bookmark Handcrafted by Young Mothers in Kenya

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Vibrant colors and incredible designs make these bookmarks as individual as you are. For this reason alone, they're worth buying. But, here's why we love them even more. Your purchase of one (or several!) of these bookmarks helps young mothers in Kenya provide for themselves and their families.

These young women receive training from a local organization in important life skills necessary for supporting themselves and their families – chief among these skills is the ability to make and sell crafts from readily available materials. Which brings us to the other reason we love these bookmarks so much…

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They're eco-friendly! Tinsmiths cut the tin bookmarks from sheets of misprinted bottle caps from the local bottling company. Together with the young women, artisans hand-paint each bookmark then finish it off with a tassel made of water hyacinth weed – an environmental nuisance clogging the waters of nearby Lake Victoria. The perfect gift for the avid reader in your life. Whether it's for you or your Aunt Sue or your cousin Charlie, these bookmarks are certain to be enjoyed for years to come.



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