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In this activity, students make paper beads from colorful paper recycled from catalogs, magazines, brochures, colored paper scraps, wrapping paper, and junk mail.


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Objective: To help students create a practical gift item by recycling paper material.

Materials Needed: pencils, colorful magazines, catalogs, brochures, junk mail

1. Cut colorful images into tall, skinny triangle shapes. Triangles should be about ¾ inch at the bottom and 4 to 5 inches tall. Not recommended for beads to be wider than 1 inch, but students might want to experiment with different sized beads.
2. Wrap each triangle around a pencil starting with the wide end. Wrap the paper around and around until it is tightly wrapped. Put a dab of glue under the last half-inch, then press firmly and allow to dry.
3. Repeat steps to create more beads. To make a necklace about 24 inches long, you'll need approximately 20 to 30 beads.
4. When the beads are completely dry, pull out the pencil. Students then can string the beads to create a necklace.

Source: Education World

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