Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Copy-Paper Scrap Projects

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Transform that old scrap copy paper with printing on one side into practical classroom tools!

Objectives: Students will follow directions, learn why recycling is important to Earth, and learn about multiple uses for used copy paper.

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Materials Needed: scrap copy paper with printing on one side


1. Make Your Own Envelopes: It's simple. Take apart one of the envelopes your school uses for mailing and trace the outline of the envelope onto a sheet of cardboard. Use that template to create envelopes. Trace the outline of the envelope on the printed side of the paper. Then fold (so the printed side is inside the envelope) and glue the appropriate edges. Voila! You might even get a rubber stamp and stamp the inside flap or the back of the envelope "WE RECYCLE!"

2. Make Your Own Drinking Cups: For complete instructions click here.

Source: Education World

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