Reduce Your Car’s C02 Emissions with a GPS Device

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Reduce Your Car's C02 Emissions with a GPS Device

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New independent research conducted by a company called Navteq has recently shown that car drivers who use a GPS or satellite navigation device are more prone to using less fuel than versus people who do not. The research has provided a great piece of PR for manufacturers of GPS products as they can now claim that there is a positive environmental effect to using their devices.

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The research study occurred in Germany through 2011 and was mainly focused on drivers that were driving on a daily basis with a mix of common tasks – for example the school run, shopping trips, and travelling to and from their place of work. As a brief summary of the findings, they found that drivers using GPS navigation units actually spent less time behind the wheel driving and also travelled over shorter distances. What this meant in reality was that they were consequently using less fuel, spending less money, reducing CO2 emissions – and lessening their carbon footprint as they went.

Navteq discovered the following interesting facts regarding drivers who drove during their study using a supplied GPS product.

  • They will drives less mileage
  • They will spend less time behind the wheel
  • Their fuel efficiency will increase by anything up to 11.5%
  • Their gas usage will reduce from 8.4 to 7.4 liters every hundred kilometers driven
  • They will drive 2,600 km less on average each year
  • They will benefit from a 0.91 ton reduction in C02 each year (25% less than average)

As mentioned, the study took place in Germany, and many of the drivers used Honda cars which were kitted up with the latest Honda map update which reduced the chances of getting lost and improved driving times. The reason Germany was chosen was because generally speaking it has quite a complex road system and drivers are also more used to using GPS devices when driving. There were three different driver groups used in the study:

  1. Drivers who used a GPS
  2. Drivers who used a GPS with Smart Traffic Technology
  3. Drivers who did not use a GP

All the cars in the study also had a tracking device fitted so that it was possible to see what routes they took and what kind of driving style that had including any speeding. The total amount of driving that was canvassed in the study was over twenty thousand kilometers with 500 in-vehicle hours.

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