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Vacation Rentals

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Doing your part to help improve the environment can become part of every aspect of your life. Most of us who are environmentally conscientious are constantly trying to find ways in which to live a green life. Because of this, there are now ways in which you can bring that green lifestyle into all areas, including your vacations.

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Vacation Rentals

There are quite a few places around the globe that offer environmentally friendly rentals for you to stay in on your vacation. When you vacation, look for rentals that offer eco-friendly alternatives like energy efficient appliances, solar power, are ecologically built, and have done everything that they can to reduce their carbon footprint. Look for those that are built to LEED sustainable construction standards so that you know that you are staying in the right place.

Hotel Rentals

Although you may have to search, there are hotels that operate a green business. These companies are doing their part to provide environmentally friendly operations for their customers. Hotels that offer these benefits will go above and beyond to ensure that they are operating as green as possible in all aspects of their operations. There are hotels that are operating in a fashion that increases their sustainability. Research the options before you head out on your vacation.

Car Rentals

Just because you are on vacation, doesn’t mean that you have to set your lifestyle aside in order to accommodate your vacation needs. There are car rental companies that offer hybrid vehicles for their customers to use. The mainstream auto rental companies generally offer at least one line of hybrid vehicles to rent to those who choose to make that decision. There are also companies that rent just eco-friendly cars to their customers. It is up to you to choose which kind of company to use if both are available. Don’t forget to make sure that your insurance covers renting a car. If they don’t call around to find auto insurance carriers that do.

Miscellaneous Travel Tips

When you do vacation, whether or not you are able to rent green, there are things that you can do. First, bring your own water bottle to refill as needed so that you can reduce the amount of plastic that you use. Second, if you stay in a hotel, make sure that you bring your own personal care products so that those that are left for you can be left for the next guest. Third, if the hotel you are staying at doesn’t have containers for your recyclables in their rooms, ask for them and most hotels will provide them for you.

Living an environmentally friendly lifestyle can now be done in every facet of your life. Enough awareness has been made of this kind of living that companies now offer these wonderful alternatives. Before you vacation, find out where you can go that will help keep you living your environmentally friendly way of life even when you away from home.

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