Save Energy Running Appliances You Already Own

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Save Energy Running Appliances

This is a guest post by Cerys of Appliances Online

Nearly half the electricity consumed in your home comes from your kitchen appliances; that’s a huge amount. So it’s more important than ever to get yourself thinking ecologically, and fast, because the more energy you use, the more money you waste paying for it. The good news is, you don’t have to fork out £500 on a brand spanking new appliance; there are ways to save energy all by yourself with the appliances you already own.

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Switch it off!

Always turn your appliances off after you’ve used them, especially if they have an LED display. By switching them off you could save up to £80 per appliance – just think about how many you have in your kitchen and how much they’re costing you. It’s true a lot of new appliances have very low standby output, with most running below 1 Watt, but if you have a microwave or washing machine that’s a few years old, it’ll only be adding to the energy bills.

Eco is the way forward

No matter how fancy your washing machine is, when it comes to washing our clothes most of us use one cycle: cottons at 40°C. I only recently realised my washing machine has an Eco cycle – I hadn’t even used it before. So, have a look if yours does because they save a huge amount of water. If you used the Eco cycle all year, you’d save around £25.00 compared to a 70°C wash.

If your washing machine doesn’t have an Eco cycle there are other ways of making it more efficient. Use 30°C cycles with detergents designed for low temperature washes – you still get a great wash performance while saving energy in the process. Also, wait until you have a full load rather than doing two smaller loads, as more energy and water is wasted.

Line dry when you can

As it’s nearly summer make sure you take advantage of the warmer weather. Line drying four loads a week in the sunniest month can save you up to £17 a year. If the weather isn’t so great, check to see if your tumble dryer has sensor drying. This system uses sensors to measure how wet your clothes are then switches off automatically when they’re dry, so you don’t waste any excess energy. Oh, and make sure the filters are clean; the cleaner the dryer, the more efficient it’ll be at drying your clothes.

Keeping cool

You might be thinking there’s nothing you can do with your fridge as it’s on 24/7, but you’d be wrong. You should vacuum your fridge, no I’m not kidding, the back of it more specifically. If the back of your fridge is full of debris and dust, the fridge’s efficiency can be reduced by up to 30%.

So don’t hang about – get your appliances running more efficiently today!

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