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Recycle Your Moving Boxes

The average mover uses 60 cardboard moving boxes to get all of their stuff to their new home. That is a lot of moving boxes. Add to that the fact that the average American moves 11 times over the course of their life and that adds up to 660 moving boxes per a person. Think about how much space those moving boxes are taking up in landfills around the world, and how much cardboard could be saved if they were recycled instead of thrown out after every move.

My Move wondered just how many trees and other natural resources could be saved by recycling moving boxes instead of shipping them off to landfills, and the results were eye opening. In addition to saving close to 6 tons of pine trees from being cut down, recycling moving boxes also saves gas, oil, water and electricity. If you want to make your next move greener, recycle your moving boxes and you could make a real difference.

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Recycle Moving Boxes
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