Saving Future Energy with the Bio-Polymer Gel Fridge

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Bio-Polymer Gel Fridge

This is a guest post by Bob Smith of Refrigerator Reviews 4 U.

When people think of what the future holds then there are a number of things that usually tend to crop up in bar-conversation. Typically these might include jet packs, space travel, or more depressingly the end of the world. However, when I think about the future I get excited by what realistic innovations are going to be happening – and none more so than in the home appliance sector. Every home has a refrigerator and recent research and competitions have happened in order to try to define what the fridge of the future will be – with one of the main factors being what energy saving concessions can be made and how eco-friendly they will be.

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Bio-Polymer Gel Fridge. For every product you create a separate capsule.

One such competition was run by Electrolux and was aimed at finding out what the engineering students of tomorrow could come up with. The Electrolux Design Lab Competition was won by a young Russian industrial designer who designed a bio-polymer gel fridge. Yuriy Dmitriev’s idea might seem outlandish, and in truth it might never happen. However, the idea behind it is possible and so you never, know this could actually be in our kitchen in fifty years time – I for one would love to replace my Frigidaire FFHS2313LS with a gel fridge – it just looks awesome!

Image of the Electrolux Bio-Polymer Gel Fridge

It has quite a basic concept: it’s a fridge that will easily cool perishable items by letting the user push them into a bio-polymer gel. The gel is non-sticky and has no odor – and will keep the food fresh and crisp. In addition to that, it removes the need for any shelving and drawers because all you do is push food in – so it could save on space too. See the images from his design sheets which are in this article to put the idea better into context.

By why use gel? Well, once food is in it, it will suspend the item and keep it cool due to the preservatives contained within. The food will also be protected from bacterial cross-infection which is a common problem with modern-day 21st century fridges. The fridge itself can be used either vertically or horizontally and won’t need an energy hungry engine and motor. This is the best part about the design idea because standard refrigerators account for about 8 percent of all house-hold energy bills.

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