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3 thoughts on “Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle (Standardized Silymarin Extract 30:1)

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    Quality product, August 5, 2010
    Travel Enthusiast (International) –

    Since over-the-counter supplements are not regulated by the FDA. I subscribe to [...] who independently tests nutritional supplements as they run their own tests to see if a product truly delivers what it says it does. Out of 10 different companies selling Milk Thistle in the market they tested, Jarrow was the only one who passed.

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    proven to be the best milk thistle by [...], May 14, 2010
    rural girl (USA) –

    This review is from: Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle (Standardized Silymarin Extract 30:1) (Health and Beauty)

    A few years back I read a study about milk thistle and decided to take it for a full year and see what my blood test results showed; my liver levels went down from normal to an excellent low. A couple years ago, my dog ate something toxic, and my vet recommended that I give him milk thistle for 8 weeks and see if his liver levels would go down; they went down to normal. I give one of my dogs Rimadyl daily and a milk thistle pill every day; her liver levels are super.
    Below are 2 articles; one from the American Cancer Society and one from a Hep C website, both stating scientific studies that show milk thistle is beneficial to one’s liver. The bottom article is from NPI center, an organization I am not familiar with, but it talks about how [...] found that the Jarrow brand was the best milk thistle brand. It is possible I am believing a complicated marketing scheme, but I do believe in milk thistle and I do believe in Jarrow Products. My experience in medicine is that often the liver goes before the heart when people are hit with medical problems and that is why I take care of my liver with nutrition, such as not drinking alcohol, but also taking milk thistle daily.

    This is from the Hep C website, I thankfully don’t have Hep C, but they do care about liver protection; I have the entire article below but this is the important part:
    “Two of the ten milk thistle products were disqualified for failure to meet the Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) labeling requirements. Additionally, one of these products had different dosing information from jar to jar, all from the same lot number.

    Seven of the remaining eight products did not provide the standardized amount of silymarin although they all claimed to have 80%. Actual amounts were between 47 and 67%. The only product to pass was Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle. Although the amount of silymarin was not specified on the label, the manufacturer declared that the milk thistle extract contained 80% flavonoids. The actual testing confirmed that Jarrow Formulas Milk Thistle met the minimum industry standard of 70% silymarin.”

    And from the American Cancer Society:

    Milk Thistle Protects Cancer Patients from Chemotherapy-Associated Liver Toxicity
    A new study finds that the herb milk thistle may help treat liver inflammation in cancer patients who receive chemotherapy.

    Atlanta 2009/12/15 -A new study finds that the herb milk thistle may help treat liver inflammation in cancer patients who receive chemotherapy. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the study indicates that the herb could allow patients to take potent doses of chemotherapy without damaging their liver.
    Chemotherapy drugs frequently cause inflammation in the liver, and when they do, doctors must often lower patients’ doses or stop administering the therapies altogether. Clinical studies have investigated using milk thistle to treat liver damage from cirrhosis (from alcohol) or toxins (such as mushroom poisoning). Despite limited study data, the herb is often used for the treatment of chemotherapy associated liver problems. To test whether milk thistle could help treat chemotherapy associated liver problems, Kara Kelly, MD, of the New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Columbia University Medical Center’s Herbert Irving Comprehensive Cancer Center in New York City and colleagues conducted a randomized, controlled, double blind study in children with acute lymphoblastic leukemia (ALL), who commonly experience this side effect.

    Fifty children with ALL were enrolled in the study and were randomized to receive milk thistle or placebo for 28 days. At the start of the study, all of the children had evidence of liver inflammation as measured by elevations in blood levels of the liver enzymes, aspartate amino transferase (AST) and amino alanine transferase (ALT). When the investigators performed liver function tests on the children at day 56 (28 days after receiving the herb or placebo), children receiving milk thistle had improvements in their liver enzymes compared with children receiving a placebo. Specifically, the group that took milk thistle had significantly lower levels of AST and a trend towards significantly lower levels of ALT. Taking milk thistle also seemed to help keep fewer patients from having to lower the dose of their medications: chemotherapy doses were reduced in 61 percent of the group receiving milk thistle, compared with 72 percent of the placebo group. In addition, milk thistle appeared to be safe for consumption.

    The researchers also studied the effects of combining milk thistle with chemotherapy on leukemia cells grown in the laboratory. They found that milk thistle does not interfere with the cancer-fighting properties of chemotherapy. “Milk thistle needs to be studied further, to see how effective it is for a longer course of…

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    Milk Thistle part of my pro-active plan for long term health, August 8, 2012
    Steve Olson

    Milk thistle is an excellent way to prevent liver disease and damage, and high cholesterol. I have a family history of both so I do everything I can to prevent something irreversible from happening.

    Milk thistle is a core piece of my health prevention routine. I also take TUDCA, FREE Milk Thistle Powder 25 Grams + TUDCA Powder (Tauroursodeoxycholic) 5 Grams which is a lesser known yet more powerful version of milk thistle. The Jarrows Formula is excellent and I still have a bottle in my cabinet, although I’ve been more turned onto powder supplements in general just because their ability to more fully absorb into the bloodstream.

    I for one, will not wait for something terrible to happen before I start taking a pro-active approach to my health although I know this is the case for many people. TUDCA has actually been shown to reverse liver damage although there is nothing better than prevention of course. No matter where your health is, do your research, talk to your doctor and look into such supplements as TUDCA and Milk thistle. Best of luck!

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