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A pioneer in the industry since 1973, Chicago based ShoreBank focused on economically helping those communities that other banks avoided – whether based on race or income, they were discriminated against. ShoreBank found a niche in helping to revitalize forgotten communities, becoming profitable after only 2 years in operation. In 2000, they realized the world was not as they hoped it would be. Instead of accepting this ShoreBank decided to expand their focus to help environmental issues. They realized that these communities could not fully achieve economic prosperity without simultaneously building strong sustainable communities.

Mission: ShoreBank invests in people and their communities to create economic equity and a healthy environment.

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Specifically the ShoreBank Pacific, a partnership between ShoreBank Corporation and EcoTrust, was the first commercial bank to support environmentally sustainable development in our nation. Not only are they contributing jobs to their local communities, the science staff will help their business customers identify sustainable business practices while often helping that client redirect more resources to continue and grow their business.

Dedicated to preserving our communities and environment, ShoreBank has announced they will be making a $25 donation to Green For All for each person who funds a ShoreBank Direct Online High Yield Savings Account through the end of November.

“That's why we are pleased to work with businesses like ShoreBank who stand up for people and the planet. They will be key partners in the work ahead.” – Green For All

Bottom line: ShoreBank has a compelling mission, is socially responsible, and is environmentally friendly. These are things one would not normally associate with a bank. But that's just our point. ShoreBank is unlike every other bank out there. With a 35 year history, its' mission-based and morally conscious ways of being have helped it stand out above the rest. ShoreBank will continue to be a forward thinker in helping to rebuild the planet sustainably and economically.

* Special thanks to Tracy for informing Naturally Earth Friendly about this amazing opportunity to bank with those that believe in protecting our nation's underserved urban communities while protecting our environment.

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