Small Ideas to Save Wasted Energy

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Save Wasted Energy

This is a guest post by David Beastall, on behalf of Acre Resources who provide recruitment services for the world’s energy, environment and health and safety professionals.

Know what you want from your fridge

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Have a good idea of what you’re going to your fridge for before you open that door, fridges aren’t the place to browse and do window shopping for your lunch! Your fridge will start to warm up the moment you open that door, but it will take considerably longer for it to return to its stable cool operational running temperature and expend additional energy in doing so. So let’s stop looking for the sake of looking.

Small Ideas to Save Wasted Energy

Use your cooker efficiently

Here are a few suggested questions to ask yourself before you light your gas stove. Are you cooking or merely heating? Are you using a big pan or a small pan and are you going to be using it for long time or just a few moments? If all you’re doing is heating up milk in order to make yourself a hot chocolate, then you will more than likely benefit from using the smaller rings.

Use the correct ring and flame size for the right job. Likewise a bigger ring and flame will be able to quickly transfer the heat into your pan in order to cook your food as required where as an under powered ring would burn for much longer period of time in order to achieve the same temperature all whilst dissipating and wasting some of that heat into the air before you even start.

Wash like a pro

Save your bath for those times when you really need to relax and make the most of the heat. Instead of filling your tub, take a shower and try to stay mindful enough not to let your mind wander for any great length of time or you’ll have been there for longer than you probably realised, simply wash then go. Did you know in Australia the government told people to stop singing whilst they showered because of the extra time and water it was expending?

Collect rain water for when you need it

Start collecting rain water in drums, vats or barrels. The next time you need to water your garden during the sunnier months of the year then you’ll be able to turn to this source rather than your hose pipe. You’re being green by helping to sustain the environment and you’re saving money by not paying for water that’s free anyway!

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