Small is Beautiful, Whether it’s Your Carbon Footprint or Your New Home from Tumbleweed Houses

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Ranging between 65 to 140 square feet, the Tumbleweed Tiny Houses are considered “travel trailers” and can go everywhere an RV can. And with a price tag between $36,997 and $49,997 you can buy it readymade or for only $695 buy the house building plans and do-it-yourself.

At only 65 square feet, the XS-House can be bought for $36,997 and then delivered to your property. Or for those of you who are looking to build it yourself, the estimated cost of building it is $16,000. The XS-House is the smallest house offered by Tumbleweed Houses and is excessively efficient. The front door is flanked by two closets and there is a sleeping loft above.

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Other houses offered for purchase are the Epu, Weebee, Lusby, Tarleton, and the Fencl. These are the pre-built homes available to be delivered and moved into right away.

No assembly required for these little beauties. It will only take about 3 months to build and deliver your new home. Or to save on the delivery costs you can pick it up yourself from the manufacturer in Sebastopol, California.

Man standing in front of a Tumbleweed Tiny House.

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