Soda can misfits… what happens when the printing is off?

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Misprint Tea & Spice Chest

I don’t drink soda that often, usually just when I eat out at restaurants. But even if I have a can of soda, I never stopped to think about the thousands of soda cans misprinted everyday. That is until today.

I saw some amazing things available at when looking at the newest season items for sale. They are taking those misprinted soda cans and making them into something useful, something beautiful. VivaTerra created a variety of eco friendly home items – watering cans, wastebaskets, magazine racks, tea and spice chests, flatware, and of course decorative wall décor.

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My personal favorite, and I hope Branndon will read this, was the Misprint Tea & Spice Chest. The vibrant colors of the misprinted aluminum make it playful and full of fun. Of course the wood is made from a sturdy sustainable wood. It’s perfect for storing tea bags, herbs, spices, and provides a prettier solution to the all necessary “junk drawer.”

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