Solar Lights for Camping

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Solar Lights for Camping

This is a guest post by Rob Lobitz who plays an active role in promoting alternative energy sources and believes “Earth” day should be everyday.

Your definition of camping might vary quite a bit from your neighbors, but whether you will be sleeping in a tent under the stars, spending a weekend at the lake in your RV or roughing it in a rented cabin for a few nights, you will benefit from having at least one or two forms of lighting readily available. There are several options, from battery operated flashlights to a good old fashioned campfire, but one possibility that you might not have considered is cheap solar lights. Solar powered lights are available in a variety of configurations and several of these are ideal for camping. Learn about the choices presented and decide which of them is right for you.

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Solar powered lanterns are ideal to hang inside of your tent at night or carry with you as you walk about in the early morning hours. These solar lights typically use LED light bulbs, so they emit a bright light that increases visibility. In addition, LED lights are durable, making them an ideal choice for the rugged terrain you are likely to experience.

You have probably seen solar powered stake lighting. Perhaps you even have some lining your walkway or edging your driveway. Consider bringing some of these along on your next camping trip. You can push them into the ground to light the way to the latrine, or stick them around the perimeter of your campsite for a bit of extra security.

Hanging solar lights are another variety that many people use in their own backyards. These are also ideal for camping. You can hang them around the awning of your camper, dangle them from trees near your tent or decorate the front porch of your cabin. Along with providing added luminosity, they add an air of fun to your surroundings, which is especially enjoyable if you are camping with a large group of friends. Finally, consider investing in a solar powered emergency light. These handheld lights often provide alternate power sources such as a backup battery or even a hand crank, should you find yourself in a crisis. The light will help you find your way and may help rescuers locate you more quickly. While camping is a fun activity, you should always take steps to keep yourself safe.

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About Rob Lobitz

Rob Lobitz plays an active role in promoting alternative energy sources and believes "Earth" day should be everyday.

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