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5 Eco-Friendly Accessories For This Season

5 Eco-Friendly Accessories For This Season

This guest post is by Victor Daily of 24 Hour Wristbands.

Whether you are looking for that eco-chic impression all year around or to show your dad the comfort of eco-fashion on Father’s Day, there are fabulous and environmentally friendly types of accessories available. You will find so many things to opt for such as jewelry from reclaimed stones, cotton scarf, recycled tote, wallet from recycled materials and other things already being worn by eco-conscious people in love with planet Earth. If you are looking for something to give as a gift, you will definitely find the five accessories below very interesting.

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1. Carry On

Sometimes people love swapping out their cold-weather heavy bags for items that are much lighter and if you are yet to, so many carry-ons made for a person who is conscious about the environment are available. Most of them are on point and quite pretty and made up of organic materials such as cotton as well as seersuckers. They make sure those using them maintain a stylish look and take pride in keeping the environment as eco-friendly as possible.

2. Plastic Sandals

Choice of plastic is eco-friendly enough more so if one has ideas of shoes or sandals safe for the environment. The positive thing that can be drawn from the use of recyclable plastic sandals is that all the materials are utilized in the process of production and there is no waste. These sandals can also be easily disassembled for recycling, as much as you will definitely love your strappy sandals very much. The Mel ‘Apple 2′ unique Jelly sandals by Melissa are a case in point.

3. Whipped Up Wool Knitted Bracelets

People love bracelets and wristbands and the only ones mostly available are made from non-recyclable materials. However, after your children are home for the summer, you can give them something most parents will never give; a gift in less than five minutes, eco-friendly at that. Leftover bobs and bits from the remains of yarn sourced from ribbons, old tee shirts and other materials can be fashioned into friendship bracelets that will remain in the head of your children forever. The good thing is that there are instructions provided for such an undertaking that are do it yourself, meaning in just five minutes you can have a ready to wear eco-friendly accessory of various colors.

4. Polyurethane Microfiber Shoes

While most shoes given to fathers to celebrate their day are mostly made up of genuine leather, an eco-friendly dad in love with the planet would adore a polyurethane microfiber pair of shoes; perhaps Italian made that maintains the same appearance and sense as genuine leather. The fact that cows are not needed for the leather makes a lot of difference.

5. Natural Shades

Sustainable sunglasses are not only cool accessories but are made from natural raw materials to perfectly made shades. A good example is Stella McCartney’s shades, as the designer is celebrated as the true champion of eco-friendly fashion.

Obviously, there is more to environmentally friendly accessories than the five but they point to a creative way of providing cool, stylish and relevant items while at the same time showing love for the environment.

This post was contributed by a guest writer. If you’d like to guest post for Naturally Earth Friendly please check out our Become An Author page for details on how YOU can share your tips with our readers..

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JPrep tote bag by Big Buddha

4 Fun Spring Accessories from Green Designers

This is a guest post by Angelita Williams of http://www.onlinecollegecourses.com/.

We love fashion, but we love it more when it doesn’t harm the environment, utilize unethical labor practices or disrespect animals. If you have been craving some new accessories for spring, check out these adorable finds from established eco-friendly fashion lines.

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1. The Prep Bag

This colorful tote from Big Buddha (right) is the perfect shopping or work companion for spring. It comes in bright, color-blocked shades of hot pinks, corals, blues and neon, which makes it fit right in with the bright colors seen on spring runways. The bag is faux leather with gold trim and chain link shoulder straps. Big Buddha is guaranteed vegan and animal friendly, so you can rest assured that your accessory will come without the added cost of environmental harm.

2. Plum Pom Pom Necklace

This necklace is so cool! This pompom necklace by A Alicia is handmade from ethically produced, re-worked vintage fabrics. The shade of plum is adorable, and the pompom style is girly and casual enough to wear throughout the day, but can also be dressed up for a cool tribal look for night.

Plum Pom Pom Necklace by A Alicia

3. The Lucy Bag

The Lucy bag from re-Collect is super chic and looks much more expansive that it’s £65 price tag. Made from used wheel-barrow tubes. You can choose zippers in any color you wish, or in silver or brass. This is a true Hollywood-chic bag, and the final effect looks like an exotic, expensive leather.

Lucy Bag by re-Collect

4. Oceane Starfish Wrist Cuff

This Oceane wrist cuff by Hovey Lee is the perfect accessory for spring and summer. It’s not cheap, but you can literally wear it every day, with anything. It’s great for day, whether heading to work or relaxing poolside, or night and has been hand made from reclaimed brass.

Oceane Starfish bracelet by Hovey Lee

This post was contributed by a guest writer. If you’d like to guest post for Naturally Earth Friendly please check out our Become An Author page for details on how YOU can share your tips with our readers.

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Every Any Confetti Purse

Colorful Confetti Clutch Purse Made from Recycled Candy Wrappers

At only $28 the Every/Any clutch purse by Ecoist is colorfully functional. Made from recycled trash, candy wrappers in this purse’s case, Ecoist is diverting waste from landfills and planting a tree for every product sold. No matter what the occasion this Confetti Every/Any clutch purse is fun and will hold your most essential belongings; cell phone, keys, cash, glasses, and some make-up.

“Ecoist gives new life to worthless candy wrappers, newspapers, and plastic bag: turning trash into trendy totes, bags, purses, and jewelry.”

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Vintage Vinyl Record Bracelet

This Vintage Vinyl Record Bracelet is crafted from authentic rock vinyl records from the '50s, '60s, '70s and '80s. Fits any size wrist.


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Artist Bio
Meg Musick-Makely is a serious collector of vintage records and now produces things that are made from them. When her pre-teen daughter dropped and cracked a favorite 33-1/3 record, Meg cut out the label to preserve wonderful associations she had with the record. As she sliced across the surface, she got the idea to transform the label into a bracelet. It wasn't long before she found herself filling requests for her unique bracelets, and Meg was in business. Soon empty album covers were strewn across the studio – inspiring yet another Makely creation – record album tote bags.

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Bamboo Sunglasses by KAYU

Go Retro with these Earth Friendly Bamboo Sunglasses by KAYU

Summer is officially here and if you’re looking for a fashion statement that screams “I’m green” in retro style, look no further than these Bamboo Sunglasses by KAYU. Handcrafted by artisans, these sunglasses feature oversized lenses framed with bamboo. And for every pair of glasses purchased, KAYU sponsors one sight-restoring surgery in the developing world.

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Reduce, Reuse, Recycle – Catalog Necklace

In this activity, students make paper beads from colorful paper recycled from catalogs, magazines, brochures, colored paper scraps, wrapping paper, and junk mail.


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Objective: To help students create a practical gift item by recycling paper material.

Materials Needed: pencils, colorful magazines, catalogs, brochures, junk mail

1. Cut colorful images into tall, skinny triangle shapes. Triangles should be about ¾ inch at the bottom and 4 to 5 inches tall. Not recommended for beads to be wider than 1 inch, but students might want to experiment with different sized beads.
2. Wrap each triangle around a pencil starting with the wide end. Wrap the paper around and around until it is tightly wrapped. Put a dab of glue under the last half-inch, then press firmly and allow to dry.
3. Repeat steps to create more beads. To make a necklace about 24 inches long, you'll need approximately 20 to 30 beads.
4. When the beads are completely dry, pull out the pencil. Students then can string the beads to create a necklace.

Source: Education World

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“A Happy Accident” – The Gratitude Necklace

Before melting down gold leftovers from a previous casting, this designer decided to recycle the metal into a necklace. She placed "thank you" on the back, thinking back to her moments of gratitude. That's how the designer explains this beautiful necklace's creation, "a happy accident."


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Available at VivaTerra.com.

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Black Disc Drop Earrings

Handmade and beautiful, these Earth friendly drop earrings are made from recycled industrial rubber with a sterling silver bead and ear wires. Available at Eco-Artware.com, make your fashion statement shout your concern for the environment at the same time.


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Colorful Recycled Magazine Cuff Bracelets

Eco-Artware.com specializes in unique and Earth friendly gifts – all from recycled, reused or natural materials. Take one look at this unique, and eco-friendly, Recycled Magazine Cuff bracelet by Brazilian artists and you can see why it's a perfect place to find interesting fashion, accessories, and more. The beads used to separate the pieces of wood are leftover from other projects, the wood scraps are leftover from a carpenter's workshop (only from sustainable forests), and the artists are underemployed Brazilian craftsmen. When designer Claudia Garzesi, with Recycled Planet Store, creates something new from "waste" she always likes to create new jobs. This is one accessory you can feel good about buying and when "eco-friendly" is involved for only $30 – it's a steal!


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