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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

First Look: Annie’s Homegrown Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Annie’s Homegrown offers several delicious and healthy options for classic comfort foods, including a Classic Macaroni and Cheese. Recently we’ve been visiting family and bought some of Annie’s Homegrown Classic Macaroni and Cheese for making a quick meal. Made without any artificial ingredients and organic pasta it’s definitely healthier than Kraft’s Macaroni and Cheese.

But does it pass the test of my toddler? We’ll find out after making it. Here’s a closer look at their macaroni and cheese.

Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Over the years, many of you have asked for a milder cheese flavor for your most finicky eaters. Others have asked for the traditional elbow macaroni shape to match that “other” brand.

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Annie's Homegrown Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Annie’s offers its consumers a delicious and healthy version of macaroni and cheese after being asked for certain things by its fans. A traditional elbow macaroni combined with a very milk cheddar cheese flavor. With zero grams trans fat and 100% real cheese, Annie’s Homegrown Macaroni and Cheese is a classic favorite for many. High in protein, vitamin B1, folic acid, and calcium.

Ingredients: organic wheat macaroni, cheddar cheese (cultured pasteurized milk, salt, non-animal enzymes), whey, nonfat milk, butter, salt, cultured whole milk, sodium phosphate, annatto extract for color

More About Annie’s

Annie’s has been creating simple foods that are healthy to eat and provide pure nourishment for over 20 years. In addition to being passionate about their food, they also care about the environment and people.

Honest-to-goodness goodness is cooked up here.

Eat Happy

For more than 20 years, we’ve proven simple ingredients add up to better taste. From our signature comfort foods like macaroni & cheese to our refreshing salad dressings, we’re all about goodness from the ground up.  Annie’s products are delicious organic and natural alternatives to traditional convenience foods, snacks, dressings and more.

Think Organic

With a belief that the best tasting foods come from simple ingredients and organic farming, Annie’s works with a small group of suppliers they trust. These farmers are partners in developing healthy foods and share a similar vision with Annie’s.

Rich, healthy soil that hasn’t been treated with chemical pesticides or fertilizers is where all organic ingredients begin.


GMO crops may have a harmful effect on our air, water, and soil. In an effort to keep their foods healthy and pure Annie’s avoids using GMO ingredients in their products. They also support the Non-GMO Project.

What are GMO’s?

“A genetically modified organism (GMO) or genetically engineered organism (GEO) is an organismwhose genetic material has been altered using genetic engineeringtechniques.” (Wikipedia)

More about Annie’s

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