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Apple iPhones and iPhone Apps

Apple Shines with Green Advances and Popular Apps

As technology continues to grow around the planet consumers and companies are discovering we must be careful of their environmental impact. Many companies are changing their manufacturing techniques and designs. From their eco-friendly measures on the Apple iPhone 4 to the iPhone app developers creating green apps, Apple continues to lead the pack.

Apple Minimizes Carbon Footprint

The largest section (98%) of Apple’s carbon footprint due to the transportation, manufacturing, use, and recycling of their products. To help Apple determine where their greenhouse gas emissions were coming from they analyzed the life cycle of their products for the past three years. This allowed an accurate measure to learn how their company is impacting the environment and what they can do to offset those effects.

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Eco-Friendly Apple iPhone 4

The new Apple iPhone 4 is the latest in eco-friendly technology and design. Here are a few reasons why the new iPhone is better than ever for our planet.

  • Energy efficient power adapter and extended talk time (up to 14 hours on 2G or 7 hours on 3G)
  • No Bromine in the printed circuit boards
  • No Mercury in the LCD display
  • No Arsenic in the glass display

Exceeding ENERGY STAR Specifications

Did you know that Apple is the only company in their industry who exceeds ENERGY STAR specifications on ALL of their products?

Always looking for ways to improve their environmental impact and lowering their carbon footprint, Apple has decreased their greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of revenue by 15.4% since 2008.

The majority of the changes were made in reducing the impact of the products’ themselves. Two of the most beneficial changes affect the materials being free of toxic substances, more recyclable, and more energy efficient. This also allows Apple to use less material and ship with smaller packaging.

Even iPhone Apps Continue Apple’s Approach to Lowering Carbon Footprints

Continuing the eco-friendly aspect of Apple, iPhone app developers are creating some wonderful programs to help monitor energy and gas use, lower carbon footprints, and much more! Even the simpler apps allowing people to take notes, typed or spoken, avoids more paper waste.

Blue Whale, an iPhone app developer is one company who understands the consumers’ desire to purchase the eco-friendly Apple iPhones and iPads. Developers who concentrate in a specific market are better able to manage the needs and desires of their clients. Companies looking to build their own mobile apps for iPhone should ensure they choose a quality developer with plenty of testimonials.

Here are the top 3 green iPhone apps to get ideas:

  1. Get Green ($0.99) – Receive simple tips every day to help you go more green in your daily life. This includes tips about how to be more green with your coffee to your wedding to your car wash.
  2. MeterRead ($2.99) – Keep a closer eye on your electric meter (and electric bill) to track how much energy you are consuming.
  3. Go Organic! (free) – Handy for the traveler, the Go Organic! app helps you locate healthy meals when you are out and about. This includes the nearest organic grocery stores.

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Top Green Apps

Top “Green” Apps

This is a guest post by Lisa who is an avid yoga enthusiast who enjoys writing in her spare time for http://www.SatelliteTV.comIf you would like to write an article, please read How to Become an Author

In the past, environmentalists and eco-friendly enthusiasts have resorted to sheer creativity and ingenuity to help out Mother Nature. Resorting to looking for recycling centers in the phonebook or calling an operator for local information on recycling materials is a thing of the past. With increases in technology and the wide variety of apps on the market, however, doing nice things for the environment has never been easier or more convenient, even while running around town.

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So, how can technology make your eco-friendly endeavors easier? Below are three top “green” gadgets that you can download and utilize in your eco-friendly pursuits:


1. iRecycle

This app is one of the most, if not the most progressive “green” app on the market. The environmentally helpful features that iRecycle has are numerous and incredibly useful. This app can help you find a local recycling center in your hometown or even while traveling around the country or abroad. Additionally, you have the option to see what materials each recycling center will accept, so you do not have to take any materials back home with you. What’s more, the app will use your “current location,” to automatically show which recycling centers are within a close radius. Through this feature you have access to over 110,000 recycling centers and disposal locations, accepting over 240,000 types of recyclable materials, including plastic, glass, aluminum and even electronics, like cell phones and computers. Since iRecycle’s most recent update, it offers an up to date list of “green” events in your local area and even allows you the freedom to add any unlisted events that you may know of to share with other app users.

Lastly, and perhaps the most insightful aspect of iRecycle is that it provides direct access to content from Earth911.com, including “green” news, tips and hundreds of articles and stories for the eco-friendly enthusiast’s enjoyment. Best of all, the app is FREE!

2. greenMeter

Have you ever wanted to optimize your fuel economy without the headache of crunching numbers and taking note every time you stop at the gas station? Me too! In fact, greenMETER may just be your saving grace. Through an elaborate accelerometer depicted directly on your smartphone’s screen, the app measures your car’s gas usage simultaneously while you drive. This is truly a sight to see – I am still trying to figure out the technology behind it. Don’t believe me? Check out this video demonstration:

greenMeter Demo (City) from Hunter Research and Technology on Vimeo.

Also, greenMeter measures the amount of power your car produces while driving, along with the measure of carbon emissions it emits. Of course, you will have to input some rather simple details about your car, including which grade fuel you use and the current weather. All and all, using greenMeter will allow you to constantly monitor and tweak your driving in real time to ensure you get the most efficient gas millage for your car. The app costs $5.99, which is a small price to pay for the amount you will save at the gas pump.

3. GoodGuide

Perhaps, the most convenient app for eco-conscious consumers, GoodGuide reviews many common household products featured in many popular stores on their kindness to the environment, social accountability, and any potential health concerns that are associated with the product. Pretty much any item or product your can think of or find at your favorite store will be on GoodGuide – from cleaning products and personal hygiene items to packaged food/beverages and clothing items. What makes this app so convenient is that instead of looking each item up before your shopping trip, you can simply scan the barcodes of each item with your phone as your shop. Then, you will have all the environmentally conscious information, literally at your fingertips. This app is also offered FREE!

While the three previously mentioned “green” apps will not likely cure global warming in a day, they are a part of a progressive movement to help heal and ultimately save the environment from the harm that has already been done. As an eco-conscious citizen you know your role and how you can help, the aforementioned apps are provided simply to make that job easier and more convenient.

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