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From the Weird to the Wonderful, Some of Our Strangest Pets

This was written by Tom Brown.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to own a three quarter ton Hippopotamus or dine with a giraffe? This article takes a look a few of the world’s strangest pets, as well as some of our best loved dog and cat breeds from around the world.

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World’s Strangest Pets

Our first strange pet is a giant rodent, known as a Capybara (upper right). The Capybara has a rather heavy body which is barrel-shaped. The fur on the upper body is red. They are the largest species of rodent in the world and closely related to a guinea pig, a relationship reflected in their appearance. Bobcat Next is the Bobcat. The bobcat is a North American mammal of the cat family and ranges from southern Canada to northern Mexico. Surprisingly, owning these animals as pets isn’t all that rare and there are numerous specialist places that sell Bobcats, although you do have to have a license. Bobcats are independent and quite self-sufficient but are extremely companionable and loyal to their owners. Flying Squirrel Flying squirrelsare perhaps one of the funniest exotic pets. They don’t have the ability to take flight like a bird, but instead glide between trees with their furry parachute like membrane, known as the patagium and can glide up to 30 metres. Flying squirrels make great pets as they’re lively and entertaining and love gliding around the house.

Cat Breeds from Around the World

Maine Coon Cat The Maine Coon, originating from North America, is undeniably one of the most beautiful cat breeds. It’s one of the oldest natural breeds in North America and is noted for its rectangular body shape and long, flowing coat. The Maine Coon is now America’s second most popular breed, after clawing its way back from the point of extinction.

Cymric Cat

Image: Listofcatbreeds.com

Next is the Cymric cat. A muscular, compact cat with a sturdy bone structure, these beautiful cats originate from the Isle of Man. The most distinctive feature of the Cymric is the absence of a tail. Siamese Cat Another well-loved and popular breed is the Siamese cat, originating in Southeast Asia. These beautiful cats are very selective in who they give their love to. They tend to be very loving and close to their owners, but can be extremely stand-offish when it comes to visitors. They are best known for their piercing blue eyes.

Dog Breeds from Around the World

Akita Dog Arguably one of the most stunning dog breeds is the Akita. They originated in the mountainous Northern regions of Japan. The Akita is a strong dominant breed, known to have much affection for their owners. They’re most recognizable by their thick fluffy double coats.

Dachshund Dog

Perhaps the most instantly recognizable dog breed is the Dachshund. Often nicknamed the sausage dog because of its short legs and long body, these dogs originated in Germany and were bred for hunting burrowing animals such as Badgers and Rabbits. Basset Hound Dog Finally, the Basset Hound originated in France. This breed is known for its loose skin structure, which causes the face to occasionally look sad. Many people don’t realize that Basset hounds must be cared for in a different way to other dogs. A Bassett Hound should be put on the correct diet from a chiot (The French word for puppy) onwards. A Basset Hound chiot must be trained and cared for properly to ensure a healthy adult dog. There are many more amazing pets all over the world ranging from pet penguins and tigers, to the stunning Persian cats of Iran and the cute Labradoodle’s of Australia. Those were just some of the amazing animals we share our planet with.

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