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Natural Ways to Protect your Children from Getting Sick this School Year

Natural Ways to Protect your Children from Getting Sick this School Year

This was written by Melissa Page of Glasstic Bottle Co.

Summer’s out and school’s in! Notebooks, pencils, erasers and lunch boxes are back in fashion. Hundreds of students are heading back to school thinking, “What is in store for me this school year?”

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However, aside from being an avenue for learning and education, school also puts children at risk for sickness. Children get exposed to germs and viruses and, if their immune system is weak, they get infected. In fact, a study conducted by the Journal of Infectious Diseases in 2010 reveals that the first month of school shows an increase in flu infections compared to the other months.

But don’t worry, there are a couple of ways to help your children enjoy every bit of school and stay healthy the whole year through. Here are natural ways of protecting your children from getting sick:

Hand washing

Did you know that around 80% of infectious diseases transfer from one person to another through physical contact? Your school child may not know it, but he or she is surrounded by germs in school every day and may possibly pick them up from shared books or chairs or even classmates. Without proper and regular hand washing, your child might take the germs from his hands and send them into his mouth, eyes, ears and nose.

Teaching your children to wash their hands is the simplest yet one of the most important ways to fight illness. Tell them to scrub hands with soap (preferable eco-friendly ones) for about 20 seconds. Let them concentrate on washing between the fingers. Make sure the family members wash their hands regularly and properly too.

Healthy lunches

Half of school children bring packed lunches. However, the Food Standard’s Agency study shows that many of them are unhealthy: 9 out of 10 lunches contain food high in salt and sugar. To help boost your child’s immune system, pack them a healthy lunch.

Recommended lunches include a variety of fruits and vegetables, cheese, whole grain sandwiches, bagels, pasta and rice salads. Choose low-fat filling like lean chicken, ham. For drinks, stick to water, unsweetened fruit juice and yogurt.

Drink water

Our body is made up of 60% water. This fluid is what helps our body carry out its proper function. It helps carry oxygen to the cells and helps in digestion too. Staying safely hydrated also keeps our immune system alert and ready to block possible infection.

Children in school should be reminded to drink plenty of water. If you think water in the school is unsafe, let your child bring water from home. There are available eco-friendly water bottles in the market that you can use. You can also replace water with milk and juice.

Bring your own utensils

To avoid infection, do not let your children borrow spoons, forks, plates and glasses from his classmates or friends. Those utensils might be touched by a hand with germs and virus. Tell your kids not to let their classmates borrow their personal utensils as well to avoid risk of transmission.

Sleep well

Children have very active lifestyles. They run here, they play there. To replenish the energy they have spent for the day, they must sleep for at least 8 hours every night. Sleeping rejuvenates worn out muscles and repairs tissues. The immune system is charged during sleeping hours as well.

With a good night’s sleep, germs and bacteria from school will have a hard time penetrating the child’s already-strong body defense system.

Can you share other natural practices to ensure your child’s sick-free school year?

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