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Greenest House in Britain

The Greenest House in Britain

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The greenest house in Britain will probably be owned by Gary Neville. The 37 year old ex Manchester United and England footballer will build a £8 million eco-friendly house. After three years of planning, and more than a year battling for approval, the retired footballer was given the go-ahead by the Bolton Council this month to build a controversial house. It has been refered to as a Teletubbies house, as it resemble the residence of the popular children’s cartoon characters Tinky Winky, Dipsy, Laa-Laa and Po. The house has been designed in the shape of a flower with a kitchen in the centre, and bathrooms and bedrooms flowing from the centre. It also includes a gym, dinning rooms, a garage and swimming pool. The house near Harwood, in Bolton, is partially underground, so that moorland can flow over the roof to minimize the impact on the landscape.

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The first application for building the house was returned with more than 100 objections. The biggest point of concern for the council and the neighbours was the plan to build a 100-foot wind turbine. ‘He must live in Telletubby land if he thinks no one would object against that whacking great turbine spoiling the landscape but now the turbine has been moved from the application I have no problems with it’, a resident commented.

Now that Neville dropped the idea of the turbine for his carbon neutral flower shaped house, permission was given to build the property. One of the councilors, Andy Morgan, believes the idea is innovative and very eco-friendly and it has received a code six rating, which is the highest score a house can achieve following an energy monitor system the government has. He believes the house is not too obtrusive for other residents and therefore he is happy to support the application. The house will be the first and only carbon-neutral house in North West England. Developers came up with a more eco-friendly solution to power the house than the tall wind turbine, which includes durable rainwater harvesting, a ground source heat pump and solar panels which convert light into electricity. In stead of the tall wind turbine a small turbine will be build that will only take four to five months to build, as opposed to the initial 20 months. Another thing that has changed is the amount of ground that the building will take up. Instead of a large one floor, the house will be built over two floors making it 8,000 square feet in size. People call it the greenest house in Britain, as even the majority of the house will be built elsewhere to keep noise and disturbance down for other residents. Neville is presently living in a £10m, 12 bedroom mansion near the site with his wife and their children Molly, three and two year-old Sophie.

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