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Best Fathers Day Gifts for an Eco-Friendly Dad

6 Father’s Day Gifts for Eco-Gadget Techy Dads

There are plenty of techy gadgets available for dads who love technology, but trying to find the eco-friendly gadgets can be a challenge. After looking through the different gifts available we found six that stood out (three are dedicated to Mac lovers!) for you to get inspiration. You’ll find a power strip to stop vampire drain and even wooden radios.

Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Dads

Magno Wooden Radio

Handcrafted from sustainable forest resources this wooden radio ($225-$300) features AM/FM with the capability of connecting an external audio source, like mp4 players and the iPod. :: Available at Amazon

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Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Magno Wooden Radio Model 1

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Magno Wooden Radio Model 2

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Magno Wooden Radio Model 3


USB EcoStrip 2.0

This power strip is perfect for dad to charge all his eco-gadgets. The USB EcoStrip 2.0 (about $40) received the Gold Standard Award for eliminating the “vampire” drain of electronics. :: Available at EcoStrip

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Power Strip EcoStrip

From EcoStrip:EcoStrip 2.0 was presented with the “Gold Standard Award” for eliminating standby power and is widely recognized today as the best new energy saving product. EcoStrip 2.0 is an energy saving power strip with surge protection designed with corporate sustainability in mind.

Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

One of the more popular solar chargers on the market the Solio universal solar charger (about $88) works by absorbing electrical power from direct sunlight or wall socket. All dad needs to do is spread out the fan blades for maximum surface area to collect the solar energy. :: Available at Amazon

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

Mac Related Gift Ideas

If your dad loves Apple and Mac, then why not give the gift of a Mac accessory this Father’s Day. Here are a few eco-friendly gadget gifts for the Mac lover.

Wooden Alarm Dock

Made from sustainably harvested Beech wood, this alarm dock by Areaware ($31.99) provides a dual purpose docking station for your dad’s iPhone or iPod Touch. :: Available at Amazon

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Areware iPad Alarm Dock

SUBSTRATA wood cases for iPAD and iPAD 2

Handcrafted and sustainable, these iPAD (starting at $175) and iPAD 2 (starting at $95) wood cases offer stylish protection with exotic woods. And SUBSTRATA is all about sustainability so the exotic woods are only harvested from mature trees from sawmills that practice sustainable forestry practices. This includes several sawmills over 80 years old. :: Available at SUBSTRATA (shipping in 3-5 weeks)

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - SUBSTRATA iPAD Wood Case

i-Ecko Cardboard Speakers

Made from recycled materials and sustainable natural fibers these cardboard speakers ($13.99) are compact and easy for dad to bring on any trip. Easy to assemble and stores flat for easy portability, they are compatible with iPods, the iPhone 3G and other mp3 players. :: Available at Amazon

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - i-Ecko Cardboard Speakers

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