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Save Money by Being Environmentally Conscious

Staying Out of the Red by Going Green: How Businesses Actually Save Money by Being Environmentally Conscious

This was written by Miles Hall of businessbroker.net.

The going green initiative has been well under way for a few years now, but many businesses – small and large – are still hesitant to join the movement. They often assume that going green is synonymous with spending more money when this simply not the case. Businesses that cut down on carbon emissions and energy usage may have to purchase new products that are more efficient, but these end up paying for themselves in the long run due to lower operating costs. When it comes to our planet, every little bit helps so even seemingly small steps can add up to big benefits for businesses and the environment.

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Cut Out Expensive and Damaging Commutes

For many offices, employees commuting to work are the biggest negative impact the company has on the environment. One vehicle can produce tons of damaging carbon dioxide emissions per year and this compounds when every employee is driving one vehicle to the same place day in and day out. Setting up a commuting policy can drastically reduce the number of vehicles that a company is putting onto the road every day, and employees end up saving a lot of money as well. Better yet, if a business can implement telecommuting options it can reduce carbon emissions even further and save more money. An employee base that telecommutes means that the company can reduce its office size and save money with utilities, leases, and printing.

Video Conferencing

A simple fact of the matter is that businesses no longer need to send employees flying around the world for every meeting. Obviously face to face meetings are still needed, especially with building inspections and the like, but more often than not video conferencing can serve the same purpose without relying on air travel that is damaging to the atmosphere. Technology is advancing at such a rate that there are few drawbacks to using phone or videoconferencing over travel. Businesses save money by avoiding expensive travel arrangements and save immense amount of their employees’ time.

Try to Go Paperless by Utilizing Cloud Storage and Using Efficient Printers

Businesses are one of the key culprits in paper waste but there are steps they can take to cut down on paper usage. Cloud storage technologies allow for large amounts of data to be saved and accessed from any location with an internet connection. This means employees or clients can merely download any files they need without having to have a hard copy sent to them. Of course, hard copies are unavoidable in an office but by purchasing a quality laser printer offices can efficiently print large quantities. Recycling and using recycled laser cartridges further cuts down on cost and environmental impact.

Smart Power Strips, Efficient Lighting

More steps can be taken around the office to insure that the workplace is using energy efficiently. Plugging computers and appliances into smart power strips keeps these products from using electricity when they are not being used. After everyone clocks out the power strips can tell that the devices are no longer being used and can disconnect from the outlet automatically. This keeps appliances and electronics from using “vampire power” which can add up to a big electric bill for larger offices. Efficient lighting techniques can also add up to huge savings. Placing automatic dimmers than turn off lights when no one is present, or dim the lights when there is enough natural lighting, can help to save up to 30% on energy costs.

These are in no way the only ways businesses can help save money, and the planet. The important factor is realizing that going green does not equal higher operating costs; the opposite is almost always true. Not only do businesses save money, but they also increase their public image and their employees pride in the company.

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Impact of Environmental Rating Specialists on Buildings

Impact of Environmental Rating Specialists on Buildings

This guest post is by Maya Savanovich of ausnviro.com.au.

Environmental impact assessment is one of the mandatory tasks that have to be carried out on all buildings that are erected in a given geographical area. This helps to ensure that all projects are in line with the environmental regulations that aim at curbing down degradation of the environment. Energy efficiency assessors are mandated to carry out regular comprehensive assessments in the building energy systems before issuing an EPC as well as recommendation on the various adjustments need to be carried out to improve energy efficiency in the building.

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Energy efficiency assessors are qualified and accredited by the various governmental bodies that play a role in ensuring that all the assessors have all the required credentials. One of the major impacts of environmental rating specialist is that they help the government and other bodies to identify certain problems and propose various sustainable ways of solving the issues amicably. Identification of this problem is one the landmark step that is very important in ensuring that all the buildings are compliant with the rules and regulations.

These professionals also help organisations to reduce their energy costs through implementation of the recommendations proposed at the end of the assessment. Energy costs have a direct impact on the profit margins of a company. Reducing loss energy has being proven to be one of the most sustainable and effective ways of reducing the operation costs as well as improving the environment in and around the building.

Pollution is one of the major cases of the increased effects of global warming as a result of release of harmful gases such as chlorine and carbon into the atmosphere. In most cases this pollutants originate from buildings that are not environmentally friendly or has faulty energy conservation plans. Impact assessments help to ensure that this kind of buildings and identified and the necessary actions to solve this problem are implemented. This in turn helps to improving the local, national and global environmental status in terms of significant reduction in the amount of harmful gases released into the environment.

One of the ecological services derived from the environment is the natural resources which are a source of our livelihood. Failure to protect these resources may endanger our lives due to lack of basic amenities such as food and water. In some parts of the word the main source of energy is hydro power generating plants whose operation and functioning lies heavily on the availability of water. We need to conserve the energy used in the buildings so as to prevent overexploitation of natural resources. Energy efficiency assessors are one of the tools used in environmental impact assessment to ensure that resources are sustainably used for the current and future generation use.

In order to formulate effective and sustainable policies that have the capacity to protect and promote conservation of the environment; we need to have informed and skilled policy makers who have all the skills required in environmental management. Energy efficiency assessors are very crucial in this process since they have all the required knowledge and expertise to formulate policies.

This post was contributed by a guest writer. If you’d like to guest post for Naturally Earth Friendly please check out our Become An Author page for details on how YOU can share your tips with our readers..

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