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Fitness Retreat Camps

Fitness Retreat Camps: A New Way to Enjoy the Holiday Season

This was written by Shaiya Ong of Daily Chump.

The holiday season is just around the corners. Many are already planning their vacation escapade. Why not try a new experience that is healthy for your body and friendly to the environment. Find a fitness retreat camp near your place and help rejuvenate your mind and body to prepare for the new challenges that will come your way.

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What exactly is a fitness retreat camp?

A fitness retreat camp is a place where an individual or a group of people find time to improve their health through various structured fitness activities. It is not your ordinary vacation, because you will need to follow a well-planned itinerary that will instill discipline related to your diet and lifestyle.

What are the activities you would most likely do in fitness retreat camp?

Most fitness retreat camp is nestled in the mountains or near the lake for a more relaxing experience. Expect to daily exercise, which may include yoga, weight training, water exercises, or weight training. If you choose a camp near the ocean, then expect an hour of surf lesson included in your retreat experience. Of course, you have the option to say no to the activities these fitness retreat camps have prepared for you, especially if you believe it is too much for you to handle; but they will definitely insist to provide you with your daily meals during your stay to guarantee you will only be indulging with healthy foods.

What is the leisure pleasures included in a fitness retreat camp?

You will most likely be pampered by facial and herbal body wrap, massage, and meditation routines. This will help synchronize your mind and body. It is best you leave your business matters behind during your scheduled trip; otherwise, you may not experience the healing effects of the prepared activities.

How much will a fitness retreat camp package cost?

The cost of a fitness retreat camp depends on the type of accommodation and the activities you will choose. The more luxurious the accommodation, then the higher the package cost will be. Nevertheless, prices often include meals and snacks, accommodation, massage, wellness education, cultural entertainment, and at times airport transfers.

List of Top Fitness Retreat Camps You May Enjoy Visiting this Holiday

  1. Ashram  in Calabasas, CA
  2. Golden Door in Escondido, CA
  3. El Abir in Spain
  4. Chiva Som inThailand
  5. Clinique La Prairie in Geneva,Switzerland
  6. The Farm in Lipa,Philippines
  7. Amansala Resort in Tulum,Mexico
  8. Cal-A-Vie inVista,California
  9. Rancho La Puerta in Tecate,Mexico
  10. Stoke Park inGreat Britain

This list is not meant for the average earner, but it helps to know their rates if you do intend to spend the holidays in its midst. In any case, you can always make reservations in more affordable places minus the reservation worries because these fitness retreat camps listed above have been fully-booked for the entire year.

Taking care of your body has never been these relaxing. Fitness retreat camps allows you to commune with the environment. Choose affordable fitness retreat camps and book in advance for possible discounted rates. Learn more info on the things you need to prepare before you hit the road on your fitness camp experience. Make it a habit to enjoy nature. Take care of your health and eat a healthy diet for a longer and more productive life shared with your family and friends.

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