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Oceanopolis Brest France

Oceanopolis: An Amazing Work of Nature and Technology

This guest post is by Shaiya Ong of Brest Airport.

It is sad to learn that many tourists fail to enjoy the beauty of France, simply because they remain crowded in Paris. If only they realize the beauty lurking in the coastal area of Brest then they would rush over enjoy the beauty of this place.

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The Awesome Oceanopolis

This is not your average leisure park. Your kids will be thrilled to enter its premise and adults will be in awe to see the magnificent beauty of the ocean. It holds three buildings namely the polar, the tropical, and the temperate buildings. All three buildings serve as home to numerous sharks and penguins together with over 10,000 animals and another 1,000 different species. You will never see an array of flora and fauna like this elsewhere, so prepare to have an ocean adventure of a lifetime even without getting wet.

The Tropical Pavilion

This features fauna and flora present in the warm seas and oceans, which includes aquatic areas in the world with temperature above 20°C. Take ride on its panoramic elevator and plunge into a tank to get a close encounter with the sharks. Be amazed as you gaze at different species of sharks including sawfish, sand tiger, white tip and black tip reef sharks.

The Wall of Living Corals

Gaze upon the beauty of the marine biodiversity present in the area of New Caledonia Land Great Barrier Reef of Australia in this 14m-long aquarium. Be mesmerized with the impeccable purity of the water allowing corals to proliferate and boast of its splendor highlighted by the high intensity light and quality of light spectrum it uses.

The Tropical Greenhouse

This 400 greenhouse was carefully designed to recreate the Caribbean Forest. You will be surprised to see tree trunks with orchids and bromeliads. It also has a freshwater aquarium that wonderfully illustrates the bustling life lurking in the Amazon River. It is an adorable treat for anyone who loves the forest and its biodiversity.

The Mangrove

You will be treated with a hundreds of moonfish swimming along intricate mesh of mangrove roots. Be amazed with how they managed to recreate this masterpiece of nature and feature it to enthusiastic visitors. Enjoy watching the fish swim in style while your children adore their beauty.

Adaptations of Specific to Reef Species

If you think you have seen everything that the Tropical Pavilion has to offer then you had better think again, because the anemone, lionfish, clownfish, stripes, moray eels, and more species housed in specialized small aquariums will still keep your eyes in a full enthusiasm as you watch these creatures swim in tranquility in their humble abode.

Interactive Education for Children and Adults

Moreover, the area referred to as the Secrets of the Red Sea is reserved to entertainingly educate your children about the secrets of the ocean through touch screen computers, models, videos, and exhibitions. It is a fun way to help introduce the little ones to this unique aquatic habitat.

Go visit Oceanopolis and learn more about the richness and beauty of the oceans and the seas.

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La Rochelle France

La Rochelle: A Modern Town of the Future

This guest post is by Shaiya Ong of www.frenchairportguide.com.

With over 76,711 residents, La Rochelle, France has been an epitome to many cities. It successfully managed to fuse modernity and ecology together making it one of the models of the modern town of the future. You can immediately sense the eco-consciousness of the city government upon arrival at La Rochelle Airport, thanks to the numerous car friendly vehicles

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Car-Free Day Program

As early as 1997,La Rochellehas spearheaded the car-free day program. Its streets flooded with tandems, bikes, roller skates, and skateboards in support of call to help reduce carbon in the atmosphere. It was a time for celebration for those who were fighting for eco-consciousness because on that day, surely they have won the battle, but the war is still left to be conquered.

It took the government a week to implement this program and those who monitored the pollution rate for that day stated that the quality of air showed a 50% decline in nitrogen oxide and sulphur content. It is a revolutionary wake-up call not only for the citizens ofLa Rochellebut also for the entire world. If a day without vehicle can create an impact as big as this then what more if all other cities will join hands with their endeavor.

Today,La Rochelle implements the “Around Town Without My Car” also known as “To Work without my Car” program. This is not only to help reduce pollution, but also to help solution traffic problems. This experimental program hopes to last for an entire week rather than a single day where employees are encouraged to ride the free shuttle service provided by CDA for them to reach their work place.

Electric Transport

Those looking for a convenient way of traveling the city without hurting the environment will be grateful to learn that electric vehicles are quite popular in the area as well. Liselec is an agency with over 50 electric cars. It offers services round the clock to anyone wishing to consider this as mode of transportation during their stay.

To take advantage of this opportunity, you need to sign-up for a subscription from the company. It will then allow you to take any of the 50 cars scattered in seven different locations. From that point, you will be charged based on the length of mileage and time you have used for the entire month. It is wonderful example for other urban cities. It is also an inspiration to other government and proofs that convenience and the act of saving Mother Earth is indeed a reality and not merely an illusion.

This post was contributed by a guest writer. If you’d like to guest post for Naturally Earth Friendly please check out our Become An Author page for details on how YOU can share your tips with our readers..

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