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Buying a Fuel-Efficient Car

Advice on Buying a Fuel-Efficient Car

This guest post is by Automobile Antony an enthusiast working in conjunction with Cooper BMW.

Fuel efficient cars are becoming increasingly essential to lowering the potential costs of vehicles, while also helping the environment in a number of ways. Cars with high fuel efficiency ratings will make more of their petrol or diesel, and will also release less CO2 into the atmosphere. As a result, owners stand to save both on refilling costs, and on lower road tax and emission and congestion charges. Fuel efficient cars can be found in multiple forms, which include electric cars, hybrid cars, and modifications to existing brands that offer savings and greater efficiency.

Electric Cars

Electric cars are set to be the future of fuel efficiency, given their reliance on an electrically charged motor. However, that future is still complicated by the slow scale out of these cars, and their associated costs. Most of the leading EV cars are hybrids, with notable examples including the Chevrolet Volt, which gets 149 horsepower, and has a 1.4 litre petrol engine and a 9.3 tank. With petrol, it manages around 60 mpg. Other brands include fully electric cars like the Nissan LEAF, and the Toyota RAV EV, as well as more experimental Tesla and other models.

Hybrid Cars

Hybrid cars seem to be the most economical solution at present to saving money on fuel efficient cars. Hybrids combine both a petrol or diesel engine and an electric motor, with the charge from the latter best for handling short distances. The combination of engines in a hybrid car means that a driver has a greater potential for going between refills. Key examples of hybrid cars currently on the market include the Toyota Prius.

Not Sacrificing Power

It is possible, however, to get fuel efficiency on larger, more powerful cars without necessarily sacrificing performance. A good example of this mix of performance and greater efficiency is BMW’s range of cars, which use an Efficient Dynamics system to improve fuel usage and to cut down on wastage. A recent WhatCar survey reinforced BMW’s position in this regard. Key BMW lines for fuel efficiency include the BMW 3 Series, the 5 Series, and the larger, 4×4 X5 series.

Mid Ranged Options

There are also many mid ranged options that manage to retain strong road performance while providing enhanced fuel efficiency. Leading examples include the Ford Mondeo and its Eco Zetec versions, as well as the Seat Alhambra, which produces 50.4 mpg. The VW Golf is also recommended, and can provide 68.9 mpg on a 1.6 litre engine. The Audi A1, by comparison, is similarly effective, and produces about 53.3 mpg.

General Tips on Buying a Fuel Efficient Car

When looking for a fuel efficient car, it is always worth weighing up what your average driving habits are. Do you only need to drive short distances to get to work, or do you have a lot of long range driving to handle every week? Hybrid and electric cars are best, at present, for city drives that don’t use up too much of batteries. However, fuel efficient mid range and larger models like BMW are demonstrating how savings can be

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