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Green Lessons from Olympics

Learn Green Lessons from Olympics

This guest post is by Manoj of Rugsandblinds.com.

There are lots of lessons you need to learn from the 2012 London Olympic Games, the first being the lesson of sustainability. The LOCOG has made every attempt to make the Olympic Games completely sustainable. Here is how you can get inspired from the Olympic Games and redefine your home interiors.

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Lessons to Learn from the 2012 London Olympics

The 2012 London Olympic Games have not just given the world champions an opportunity to exhibit their skills. It has also created employment opportunities for several individuals. It has changed the face of many parts of London. The Games have set new examples for us to follow. Here is how you can be inspired by the Olympic Games when decorate your home.

Changing Places Movement

The changing places movement was initiated for the 2012 London Olympic Games. The program encourages people to come out and work to improve their community.

It basically encourages people to come out and volunteer to improve the watersides and public places. It encourages people to learn new skills and interests. People actually ventured to improve their neighborhood all by themselves to create a new London which is definitely inspiring.

How to Change your Home?

You must actually take an initiative and improve your home. Here are some steps you can take to change the appearance of your home.

  • If there are any barren walls which need to be decorated, you can resolve to decorate it all by yourself.
  • You may decorate it using homemade crafts. You can also involve kids in it. Just like the ‘changing places movement’ encourages people to develop new interests and skills, you can actually enhance the hidden talents in your child. You must guide them to make small homemade crafts.
  • You can become a ‘do-it-yourself’ enthusiast and do all the home decor which can be done manually.

Carbon Management during Olympic Games

The LOCOG has always kept a check on the amount of carbon it emitted during any construction project. Before deciding on any construction project, it actually assessed the carbon footprint to find out whether it was adversely affecting the environment.
On all occasions when the carbon emission could be reduced or avoided, the necessary steps were taken to do so.

How to Measure Carbon Footprint in your Home?

You have to behave as a responsible citizen and take all steps to reduce the carbon emission in your home. Here are some of the basic measures you can take in this direction:

  • Whenever possible, you must buy things made from organic and natural materials. As these are bio-degradable, they will not adversely affect the environment.
  • You may go for recyclable or disposable trash cans. This can help you avoid non-renewable wastes.
  • You must go for natural area rugs for your floors. Area rugs and floorings made from synthetic materials can be toxic and they may even be non-biodegradable.
  • You must go for colors of home interiors which do not absorb a lot of heat. This way you won’t have to invest a lot of energy to condition your home.
  • You must make sure the windows and doors are perfectly airtight. This way there will be no heat leakage. The home will be more energy efficient.
  • You must have a chimney in your kitchen. It will help you reduce the undesirable exhaust gases. You may otherwise go for an exhaust fan in the kitchen.

Olympic Games Waste Management

The LOCOG has very effectively managed the wastes. They have reused and recycled at every possible instant. They have lived up to their commitment of waste management. All wastes which could be reused directly have been reused directly. All other wastes have been recycled. The LOCOG has made every effort to avoid the use of materials which can neither be reused nor recycled.

How to Manage Waste in Your House?

There are many innovative ways in which you can decorate your home and avoid waste. Here are some simple suggestions which may prove helpful to you.

  • You can make pillow covers and tablecloths from quilts or old bed sheets.
  • You can use the old bicycles to make innovative furniture items.
  • You may use broken toys to make beautiful home decor items.
  • You can make beautiful accessories by using broken home decor items.
  • If your cupboard breaks, before you venture to throw it away, you must think if you can use it in some innovative way. You may individually use the cabinets to make storage places in different rooms.
  • If your devices or equipments fail, you may even use its individual parts to make some great science project for your child.

You must be inspired from the Olympic Games and take initiative to act equally responsibly. Hope these tips help you renovate your home in a beautiful manner.

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