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Ocean Vodka Offers Handcrafted Organic Vodka

Ocean Vodka Offers Handcrafted Organic Vodka

Sustainable and eco-conscious, the efforts of Ocean Vodka to offer quality organic vodka are dedicated to preserving our planet’s natural resources. Naturally gluten free, this 100% USDA organic vodka is the only vodka produced from organic sugar cane. In addition to other organic natural ingredients this vodka is free from added pesticides, herbicides and fungicides providing truly clean tasting vodka.

From OceanVodka.com:

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Our spirit of aloha – positive energy and harmonious living – is a pervasive attitude in our family.   This passion for life is exemplified in our carefully handcrafted vodka – crisp, natural, clean and thoroughly enjoyable.  Work hard, play hard; life’s a beach, so enjoy a cocktail.

Ocean Vodka Respects The Ocean

In an attempt to help conserve our oceans Ocean Vodka contributes to several oceanic conservation groups, including:

  • Save The Waves Coalition – A global non-profit organization dedicated to protecting and preserving our coastal environments.
  • OCEANA – The largest international organization focused solely on ocean conservation.
  • Ocean Institute – The mission of the Ocean Institute is to inspire all generations, through education, to become responsible stewards of our oceans.
  • Reef Check – A non-profit organization dedicated to empowering people to save our reefs and oceans.
  • And many more

Ocean Vodka wants to help organizations that are involved in helping preserve our oceans. If you think they may be able to help your organization, please contact them.

Protecting the Planet

Made on the beautiful Hawaiian island of Maui, Ocean Vodka was created from a love of the ocean. From organic seed to finished organic vodka, the process and production methods are sustainable.

Ocean Conservation

Growing up on the beautiful island of Maui and the love for the ocean that has been taught through the generations, Ocean Vodka is a family effort. Ever since their first bottle was produced in 2006 they continue to give back to conservation efforts to protect our oceans for future generations.

Sustainable Approach

The devotion to our planet’s resources is apparent in the production methods and materials used. Starting with the best raw materials available, Ocean Vodka continues with sustainability in their 60% recycled glass bottles and use of organic based inks and coatings.

Choose Ocean Vodka As Your Organic Vodka

With the many sustainable efforts put forth by Ocean Vodka, it is clear that this company is not using “green” washing in an effort to sell more. Instead this family based business truly cares about our planet’s resources and our oceans.

From organic seeds to an environmentally friendly production process to finished organic vodka, Ocean Vodka offers unique vodka made with natural ingredients.

Ocean Vodka is available on Amazon

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Paradise Found… Now Let’s Help Keep Hawaii That Way

There's no place on earth like Hawaii. A natural beauty that welcomes every visitor with a warm sea breeze and faint floral scent. You'll find yourself being renewed and energized by the natural beauty of the islands. But will the natural beauty last? What are we doing today to keep the scenic vistas for our children and grandchildren? Whether you live on the island or just want to add some volunteering to your next vacation, here are some volunteering opportunities that will help you keep the Hawaiian Islands beautiful.


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Romance and Natural Beauty Abound in Kauai

The Surfrider Foundation dedicates itself to the protection of the oceans, beaches and waves. A nonprofit environmental organization that gets together every month to help keep Kauai's coasts clean and beautiful with the help of beach cleanups, the Surfrider Net Patrol, and the Blue Water Task Force. Usually on a Saturday or Sunday morning, for more information visit their home page or contact Sheri Saari by email or calling (808) 652-4648.

The Friends of Kamalani and Lydgate Park are dedicated to the building and maintenance of the Kamalani Playground. Families can volunteer together and help keep the facilities up and running. Expansions need to be designed, funds need to be raised, and volunteers are always needed to help keep the playground clean. The first Saturday of the month from 8:30 am to 11:00 am is when the Lydgate Park clean up takes place near the life guard's tower.

The NOAA Monk Seal Response Team is always on the lookout for volunteers looking to be more involved in keeping these marine animals protected. The next semi-annual Hawaiian Monk Seal Count will take place in October and you can visit MonkSeal.org for more information as it comes available. If you're ready to sign up today, please visit their website. Volunteers man the desks and take care of administrative tasks as well as reach the public and protect the seal protection zones. This would be something probably better for a resident of Kauaii.



Maui is Home to Some of the Best Beaches in the World

Maui Coastal Land Trust works to connect government agencies with private landowners and community groups in an effort to “protect Maui shorelines forever.” The Waihe`e Refuge welcomes volunteers every Friday and the third Saturday of every month, 8:00 am to 12 noon. Call the office at (808) 244-5263 for directions.

The East Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR) is a no-kill rehabilitation sanctuary for injured and orphaned animals. EMAR is licensed to help rehabilitate threatened and endangered animals through the State and Federal Department of Fish and Wildlife. Entirely run by volunteers, the East Maui Animal Refuge (EMAR) needs your help. If you're a resident of Maui and love animals this can be a great place to volunteer. Everything from fundraising to building and repair work to sitting at community tables; there is something for everyone to do. You can contact them by email or by calling (808) 572-8308.

Established in 2002, the mission of the Maui Cultural Lands, Inc. (MCL) is to stabilize, protect and restore Hawaiian cultural resources. A grassroots land trust organization that meets every Saturday the Maui Cultural Lands needs the support of volunteers for the work needed to maintain the Honokowai valley. You'll want to meet at the Pu'ukoli'i "Sugar Cane Train" Station parking lot. Groups and families are welcome. Please call (808) 572-8085 or email to get more details. 



Celebrate Hawaiian Heritage in Molokai

Based on a philosophy to help build self-sufficiency for the World's nations, Ka Honua Momona is developing Indigenous education systems by connecting traditional knowledge with the technology of the modern world.

“Never doubt, that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it's the only thing that ever has.” – Margaret Meade (Ka Honua Momona)



Oahu is Home to a Vibrant Mix of Nightlife and Entertainment

Founded in 1889 by Charles Reed Bishop, the Bishop Museum was created with the purpose of housing his late wife's extensive collection of Hawaiian artifacts. The last descendant of the royal Kamehameha family, Princess Bernice Pauahi Bishop had an wide-ranging collection of royal family heirlooms in addition to the many Hawaiian artifacts. Many volunteer opportunities are available in the three separate buildings at the Bishop Museum.

With a preference of volunteers making a commitment of one 4-hour shift per week, the Bishop Museum would be a wonderful volunteer opportunity for Oahu residents who love the rich cultural heritage of the Hawaiian Islands. You need to be 18 or older and pass a background check.

Remember this is Hawaii and the sun will probably be out. You'll want to wear protective shoes, sunscreen and even a hat. If you didn't find something on the island you are looking for, PreserveHawaii.org has over 60 links to organizations dedicated to short-term environmental opportunities.



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Residents Fix Polihale State Park Road Kauai

Kauai Residents Decided to Fix Access Road to Polihale State Park Themselves After Severe Flooding – It Took Only 8 Days

Repair on the Polihale State Park access road was put on the back burner by the Hawaii Department of Land and Natural Resources after costs were estimated at $4 million. In addition to the money the agency didn’t have, the time frame was around two years. Many would wait for the government’s help, but not the residents of Kauai. Instead, local business owners and residents worked together and completed the repair job – for free.

Polihale State Park was closed since the severe flooding destroyed it’s access road to the park and further damaged some of the facilities in December. The government’s assistance would not have been able to fix the road in time for tourist season this summer, or next. “They said it would probably take two years. And with the way they are cutting funds, we felt like they’d never get the money to fix it.” (Bruce Pleas, a local surfer who helped organize the volunteers.)

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Business owners feared the possibility of having to close their doors, for many tourist season was the only source of income. “If the park is not open, it would be extreme for us, to say the least,” Ivan Slack, co-owner of Napali Kayak, said. “Bankruptcy would be imminent. How many years can you be expected to continue operating, owning 15-passenger vans, $2 million in insurance and a staff? For us, it was crucial, and our survival was dependent on it. That park is the key to the sheer survival of the business.” (CNN.com) So on March 23 around thirty volunteers pulled together manpower and machinery to fix the road themselves. “So we got together – the community – and we got it done,” said Troy Martin of Martin Steel, who donated machinery and steel for the repairs. The repairs were completed in only eight days. Tourist season gets busy around May 1 and locals hope the park will open in time.

Not wanting to leave anyone out, here is a list of other volunteers:
Andrew Johnston, David Heri, Don Wilson, David Shimatsu, Jon Lucus, David Stilwell, Kunane Aipoalani, David Tsuchiya, Mary and Bill Mculloy, Greg Holtzman (Na Pali Kayak), James Devlin (Na Pali Outfitters), Jared Dorado, John Aguon, Kawika Stilwell, Sharon Pleas, Makana Lindsey (Sierra Club), Mark Smith, Steve Pleas, Mike Joeseph (Surfrider), Myron Lindsey, Tim Mcenna, Nick Preto, Tom Clemens, Pila Morganti, Joshua Comstock, Randy Wolfshagen, Reuben Balmores, Rick Bush, Rick Havlin, Robert Ballard, Rodney Babtise, Rodney Shimatsu, Ryan Ell, Ryan Rivera, Stanley Orateler, Thomas Powell, Troy Martin, Val Budua

Napali Kayak

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Hawaii is Full of Ambition in Setting Their “Green” Goals

Hawaii is a beautiful place to visit. Green landscapes surrounded by blue waters used to come to mind when I thought of Hawaii, until now. Now the ambitious goals of Governor Linda Lingle and the Hawaiian Electric Company pop into my head. In the hopes of making Hawaii a clean, renewable energy model for the rest of us they hope to generate 70% of their energy needs from renewable sources by 2030. They will also ban new coal plants, convert existing fossil fuel plants to biofuel, and add windfarms on the smaller islands. If you're one of the lucky residents who reside in this beautiful state, then start looking forward to incentives for buying solar panels and an electric vehicle. I can't wait to see where they are at in 2015. Good luck in accomplishing such a large goal Hawaii!

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