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Honda Hydrogen CB750 Motorbike Concept

When Honda introduced the original CB750 to the United States in 1969, it was the first to offer a front disc brake and a straight-4 engine with overhead camshaft. With the introductory price of $1,495, the CB750 had many advantages over its rivals. In production from 1969 to 2003, Cycle Magazine called it “the most sophisticated production bike ever.” And the Discovery Channel ranked it third in the top ten greatest motorbikes of all time.

New style and function were added to the famous motorbike thanks to Igor Chak. Powered by a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine, the only thing you’ll be emitting is water. This CB750 is controlled by an OLED touch screen with WiFi, GPS, and 3G. The 5″ OLED multi-touch display and computer has three menu options – GPS, Drive Modes and Diagnostics Mode. Diagnostics mode includes lap times, gas consumption, and top speed. Whenever you feel your bike isn’t performing well, you can connect it to your home computer. Made in a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium, the weight is kept down. The CB750 comes with ABS, airbag, steering damper and radar technology that could sense an upcoming head-on collision and automatically slow the bike.

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