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Top Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car in 2012

Top Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car in 2012

This is a guest post by Danny Duric who is currently writing for East Coast Car Rentals Australia. He is excited to share his views about the latest green innovations in the automotive industry on Naturally Earth Friendly.

There are many brands of vehicles that if you like driving your own car for holidays vacations you can use. However, of all the vehicles around, buying a hybrid car is by far more economical and eco-friendly. If you love driving for long distances, with gas prices rising each day you should look for hybrid car to stretch out your gas mileage.

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Hybrid car manufactured by Honda Company is an investment worth to go by in the year 2012. It has more advantages to buyers as well to the environment. In this article, you will get to know some of this benefits that hybrid car will offer to you. To start with a hybrid car the competitive market prices are higher than for gasoline vehicles, this is because of its high technology that combines both gas and electronic power. However, if you love driving, and you would like to spare your fuel expenses hybrid car is ideal for you. It uses less fuel, as it is converted to electric power, and the engine will run smoothly without smoke and sound production.

This feature makes hybrid vehicles efficient and eco-friendly compared to others by far. In addition, if you buy a hybrid car, you are eligible for tax incentives. For instance, in US you are eligible for tax incentives from federal government. However, you should consult with your local authority about tax incentives. This has lead to many drivers going for purchase.

Moreover, with latest technology achievements in 21st century, hybrid car is manufactured with improved technology. Hybrid car engineers are continuously making improvements with new technology making the car greener and efficient to buyers. Initially, there was some confusion about hybrid cars performances that made drivers to shy away from them. However, with lifetime guarantees assurance from manufacturers in case of any failure, customers are now confidence of buying this car.

Improved technology has seen hybrid cars batteries becoming lighter, thus reducing the overall weight for improved efficiency. In addition, engineers are leaving no stone unturned, as more powerful models are still developed for customers. To top it up, it is environmental friendly benefits. For many decades debate over climate change and how human being activities and industrial wastes has worsened. However, hybrid technology has considered this in depth and with capability of using less gas by converting it to electric energy to run engines which has potential to lessen these impacts.

Use of the hybrid car is the solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. Another reason to go for hybrid are the economic factors to users. In this case, you have lower expenses on gas as well as on other maintenance. Hybrid car enables you to have less travel expenses on pumping if you have long distance journey where you drive economically. This is because it tends to use electric motor more often than fuel. With fuel costs rising on frequently you do not have to worry about fuel budget. If you are a fan of driving for long distances for your vacation, you cannot afford to miss these benefits, visit your car dealer this year and enjoy all of them with a hybrid car.

This post was contributed by a guest writer. If you’d like to guest post for Naturally Earth Friendly please check out our Become An Author page for details on how YOU can share your tips with our readers..

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Reduce Your Car's C02 Emissions with a GPS Device

Reduce Your Car’s C02 Emissions with a GPS Device

This is a guest post by Bob Smith of HondaNavigationDVD.net.

New independent research conducted by a company called Navteq has recently shown that car drivers who use a GPS or satellite navigation device are more prone to using less fuel than versus people who do not. The research has provided a great piece of PR for manufacturers of GPS products as they can now claim that there is a positive environmental effect to using their devices.

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GPS navigation in Honda

The research study occurred in Germany through 2011 and was mainly focused on drivers that were driving on a daily basis with a mix of common tasks – for example the school run, shopping trips, and travelling to and from their place of work. As a brief summary of the findings, they found that drivers using GPS navigation units actually spent less time behind the wheel driving and also travelled over shorter distances. What this meant in reality was that they were consequently using less fuel, spending less money, reducing CO2 emissions – and lessening their carbon footprint as they went.

Navteq discovered the following interesting facts regarding drivers who drove during their study using a supplied GPS product.

  • They will drives less mileage
  • They will spend less time behind the wheel
  • Their fuel efficiency will increase by anything up to 11.5%
  • Their gas usage will reduce from 8.4 to 7.4 liters every hundred kilometers driven
  • They will drive 2,600 km less on average each year
  • They will benefit from a 0.91 ton reduction in C02 each year (25% less than average)

As mentioned, the study took place in Germany, and many of the drivers used Honda cars which were kitted up with the latest Honda map update which reduced the chances of getting lost and improved driving times. The reason Germany was chosen was because generally speaking it has quite a complex road system and drivers are also more used to using GPS devices when driving. There were three different driver groups used in the study:

  1. Drivers who used a GPS
  2. Drivers who used a GPS with Smart Traffic Technology
  3. Drivers who did not use a GP

All the cars in the study also had a tracking device fitted so that it was possible to see what routes they took and what kind of driving style that had including any speeding. The total amount of driving that was canvassed in the study was over twenty thousand kilometers with 500 in-vehicle hours.

This post was contributed by a guest writer. If you’d like to guest post for Naturally Earth Friendly please check out our Become An Author page for details on how YOU can share your tips with our readers.

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Honda Hydrogen CB750 Motorbike Concept

When Honda introduced the original CB750 to the United States in 1969, it was the first to offer a front disc brake and a straight-4 engine with overhead camshaft. With the introductory price of $1,495, the CB750 had many advantages over its rivals. In production from 1969 to 2003, Cycle Magazine called it “the most sophisticated production bike ever.” And the Discovery Channel ranked it third in the top ten greatest motorbikes of all time.

New style and function were added to the famous motorbike thanks to Igor Chak. Powered by a four-cylinder liquid hydrogen engine, the only thing you’ll be emitting is water. This CB750 is controlled by an OLED touch screen with WiFi, GPS, and 3G. The 5″ OLED multi-touch display and computer has three menu options – GPS, Drive Modes and Diagnostics Mode. Diagnostics mode includes lap times, gas consumption, and top speed. Whenever you feel your bike isn’t performing well, you can connect it to your home computer. Made in a combination of carbon fiber, aluminum and titanium, the weight is kept down. The CB750 comes with ABS, airbag, steering damper and radar technology that could sense an upcoming head-on collision and automatically slow the bike.

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Source: Gas2.org

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