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Sustainable Hotel Rooms

Eco-Friendly Hotel Rooms in 2020

Travelers are often greeted by the same lack-luster room designs found in many hotel chains across the country and around the world. However, with the experience of the past to guide us in making informed design decisions and the future technologies being created will hotel rooms change much in the next decade? Designer Adam Tihany dreams of an ecologically friendly hotel room that offers sustainability.

Sustainable Hotel Rooms of the Future

“As urban environments become denser, it will be even more important to incorporate green spaces within architectural ones,” says Adam Tihany, a well known designer for hotels around the world including the Mandarin Oriental in Las Vegas and the King David Hotel in Jerusalem.

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In the article “Hotel Room of the Future” for Departures magazine, Tihany shared his ideas for what hotel rooms could be possible of looking like in the future. This includes the incorporation of sustainable choices in materials and the integration of the latest technologies available.

Sustainable Hotel Rooms

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Self-Sustaining Greenery

One of the most noticeable differences between this possibility and current hotel rooms is the integration of green spaces inside the room. Tihany designed self-sustaining terrariums for adding a “green” touch, but these are not just for looks. The idea is to let these terrariums help offset some of the carbon footprint of the hotel overall.

Eco-Friendly Materials

The use of sustainable materials is already being seen in several hotels that are going the ecologically conscious route in their hotel designs, and this “hotel room of the future” is no different. Instead of using natural woods that would require trees from forests, this hotel room would use an engineered substitute. It would be similar in feel and looks to natural wood, but would be a more sustainable option.

Integrating Voice Recognition and Technology

Using a design that’s “futuristic retro”, as Tihany calls it, this hotel room offers technology that is currently in its infancy. This includes having photovoltaic glass that can be used as an interactive display, for the television, mirror and windows. When sleeping or wanting some privacy the glass can turn opaque to offer you privacy.

For more information, please read the entire article “Hotel Room of the Future“.

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