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Green Hybrid Cars

Did you know? It’s all about the latest Green Hybrid Cars

This guest post is by Richard Keane.

Did you know? It’s all about the latest Green Hybrid Cars

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If you’re an environmentally conscious person and want to save our planet then you should realise the benefits of using a non-polluting, fuel efficient, eco-friendly vehicle. Then the solution lies in using green hybrid cars. A hybrid car is most commonly referred to as a Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV) which is the combination of two sources, an internal combustion engine and an electric motor. A hybrid engine works by combining two or more internal sources of power; generally gasoline and electric power is used to propel it.

How Hybrid Cars Work

Regenerative braking: When the brake is applied, the electric motor slows down the vehicle and causes resistance towards the wheels; as a result the energy generated from the wheels turns off the motor. It avoids the wastage of energy during braking by storing it into the battery and the stored energy can be used by the electric motor.

Additional power: The electric motor will provide an additional power to assist the engine while accelerating and climbing hills, to do this it requires smaller efficient engines. In most cases the motor itself generates power for a low speed condition.

Automation of engine: The engine automatically turns off and on depending on the usage. When the vehicle comes to stop the electric motor shuts off automatically. When a driver thinks to accelerate it then the engines restart automatically. This automation prevents the wastage of energy from braking, idling.

The difference between a regular car and a hybrid car:

  • A regular car will not have an electric motor to supplement power in order to recharge the battery. Whereas a hybrid car combines with traditional combustion engine with an electric force, this is used as the primary power source.
  • A traditional car generates unpleasant and prolonged noise with its pistons whenever engines compress and explodes. In hybrid vehicles the electric motor is virtually silent when driving.

Benefits of using a hybrid car:

These cars are fuel efficient and release less emissions.

  • A hybrid car will have an inbuilt battery. The battery powers of this motor release fewer emissions; these are built using strong nickel metal hydride.
  • The batteries recharge automatically.
  • They help to save the planet since they are excellent, fuel efficient vehicles and produce fewer emissions; at the same time providing excellent mileage.
  • A traditional car emits carbon elementary fumes on the usage of gasoline, whereas hybrids don’t.
  • These cars are popular since they are ecologically conscious, while they can also provide great savings for the hybrid owners. Their costs appear to be much better than any other gasoline vehicles.
  • A hybrid car is proven to be the solution to pollution.
  • These cars are built using light materials; the engines will automatically turn off during braking.
  • In some countries the government offers tax credits towards the purchase of hybrid cars; these tax incentives are not available for a regular car.
  • These cars offer drivers a sophisticated experience driving at low speed.
  • Hybrid cars on finance options are also available for those who want to opt for car loans.

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Top Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car in 2012

Top Reasons to Buy a Hybrid Car in 2012

This is a guest post by Danny Duric who is currently writing for East Coast Car Rentals Australia. He is excited to share his views about the latest green innovations in the automotive industry on Naturally Earth Friendly.

There are many brands of vehicles that if you like driving your own car for holidays vacations you can use. However, of all the vehicles around, buying a hybrid car is by far more economical and eco-friendly. If you love driving for long distances, with gas prices rising each day you should look for hybrid car to stretch out your gas mileage.

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Hybrid car manufactured by Honda Company is an investment worth to go by in the year 2012. It has more advantages to buyers as well to the environment. In this article, you will get to know some of this benefits that hybrid car will offer to you. To start with a hybrid car the competitive market prices are higher than for gasoline vehicles, this is because of its high technology that combines both gas and electronic power. However, if you love driving, and you would like to spare your fuel expenses hybrid car is ideal for you. It uses less fuel, as it is converted to electric power, and the engine will run smoothly without smoke and sound production.

This feature makes hybrid vehicles efficient and eco-friendly compared to others by far. In addition, if you buy a hybrid car, you are eligible for tax incentives. For instance, in US you are eligible for tax incentives from federal government. However, you should consult with your local authority about tax incentives. This has lead to many drivers going for purchase.

Moreover, with latest technology achievements in 21st century, hybrid car is manufactured with improved technology. Hybrid car engineers are continuously making improvements with new technology making the car greener and efficient to buyers. Initially, there was some confusion about hybrid cars performances that made drivers to shy away from them. However, with lifetime guarantees assurance from manufacturers in case of any failure, customers are now confidence of buying this car.

Improved technology has seen hybrid cars batteries becoming lighter, thus reducing the overall weight for improved efficiency. In addition, engineers are leaving no stone unturned, as more powerful models are still developed for customers. To top it up, it is environmental friendly benefits. For many decades debate over climate change and how human being activities and industrial wastes has worsened. However, hybrid technology has considered this in depth and with capability of using less gas by converting it to electric energy to run engines which has potential to lessen these impacts.

Use of the hybrid car is the solution to reduce carbon dioxide emissions and climate change. Another reason to go for hybrid are the economic factors to users. In this case, you have lower expenses on gas as well as on other maintenance. Hybrid car enables you to have less travel expenses on pumping if you have long distance journey where you drive economically. This is because it tends to use electric motor more often than fuel. With fuel costs rising on frequently you do not have to worry about fuel budget. If you are a fan of driving for long distances for your vacation, you cannot afford to miss these benefits, visit your car dealer this year and enjoy all of them with a hybrid car.

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Best Selling Hybrid Cars

The Best Selling Hybrid Cars

This is a guest post by Edward Pacheco of Automotive.com.

Hybrid cars have in many cases become the wave of the future. The trend with hybrids started a while back and has been steadily gaining momentum thanks to advances in technology, manufacturing and end-user friendliness. What most adore about hybrid vehicles is that they are better for the environment and they can save you money on gasoline to boot. The downside is that they will cost you more upfront. You can expect to pay around 10%-25% more for a hybrid car as compared to a gasoline powered alternatives. However, the money you spend upfront will be saved over time as you will not have to spend as much on costly gasoline (believe us, it will go up to $5/gallon and more in the near future)..  In addition, since hybrids have a smaller carbon footprint many people feel the need to act more responsibly and catalyses them to fight for the environment. It is estimated that the sale of hybrids is going to continue to grow exponentially over the next ten years. With the introduction more advanced technologies hybrids will be able to get even better gas mileage and be sold at a more affordable price. That being said, just about every manufacturer has introduced at least one hybrid offering. Expect this number to rise.

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Toyota Prius

The Toyota Prius is the most popular hybrid vehicle on the market today. Motor Trend Magazine calls it the “King of the Hybrids.” The Prius retails for around $25,000 and gets upwards of 51-miles per gallon. The Prius set the standards for all other hybrids on the market today. In fact, the engine and design of the Prius has been duplicated by other major manufacturers in an effort to create something that can compete with it. The 1.8 horsepower gasoline engine combined with the electric motor components create a total of 134-horsepower, which actually feels more like 200hp due to the nature of electric propulsion. Besides the decent power, the other nice thing about the Prius is that it comes in several different trims. You can choose the base model if you are interested in paying a lower purchase price but you can also upgrade to a higher level trim package that will give you more options and a more luxurious ride.

Honda Insight

The Honda Insight is the second most popular hybrid behind the Prius. It retails for a lower price starting out at about $20,000. Similar to the Prius, the Insight also gets great gas mileage (though not as good). On the highway you can expect about 43-MPG and in the city you can expect roughly 40-MPG. For the price, it’s not a bad tradeoff. The Insight looks and drivers sportier than the Prius, but is a bit rough around the edges. We love the interior of the Insight though; much more upbeat and sporty compared to the Prius.

Ford Fusion Hybrid

A similar but larger car is the Ford Fusion hybrid. It’s is the best selling mid-size hybrid sedan in the U.S.. This vehicle provides people who need a bit more space the option of having that space along with the luxury of a hybrid’s MPGs. The  Fusion hybrid gets around 41-MPG in the city and 36-MPG on the highway. Not bad considering the size and class of this vehicle—it’s far superior to its gas-powered competitors. The price is a bit high on this car but it is worth it considering the size, luxury and mileage.  MSRP is right around $28,000. (Click here for Ford Fusion Hybrid Price.) The ride is powerful, considering the 2.5 liters plus electric motor that’s powered by a nickel metal hydride battery.

Lexus RX 450h

Want complete luxury but a car that’s also hybrid drive? The Lexus RX 450h is one of the most popular hybrid sport utility vehicles on the market today. It retails at about what you would expect for a luxury SUV: starting at about $43,000. Not a bad deal considering it’s a top-notch luxury SUV along with a reputation of  Lexus being one of the most reliable and classiest manufacturers in the world. What’s the gas mileage? 32-MPG in the city and 28-MPG on the highway.

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Source: Motor Trend magazine

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General Motors (GM) is Creating Buzz Around their Hybrid Cars and Trucks

Being the first in the auto market to produce a quality electric vehicle, GM could have built a strong foundation in the alternative fuel and energy efficient car market years before the competition. Unfortunately General Motors was left to compete with other auto makers years later after the Toyota Prius gained undeniable popularity. At last GM is making an effort with adding a hybrid option to several of their current vehicles and plans to start new hybrid car and truck lines as well.



Chevrolet Volt Joins the Hybrid Car Market at the End of the Year

GM's new Chevy Volt will be available this November.The Volt will have the ability to be recharged from standard household power in about 12 to 14 hours with the on-board 110-volt charger. It will only take four hours to recharge if a 240-volt charger is used. Once fully charged the Chevy Volt’s capable of driving 40 miles on electric power alone. When the lithium-ion battery is low the gasoline-fueled/generator will add an additional 300 miles of driving range. Similar to the Toyota Prius, the Chevrolet Volt’s gas engine will not drive or power the wheels, but instead replenish the battery.

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Chevy's Silverado Hybrid offers comparable city mpg to Toyota Camry.The new 2010 Chevy Silverado Hybrid is a full-size pickup is base priced at $38,340 (plus freight) for the two-wheel drive HY1 model and $41,490 for the four-wheel drive HY1 version. It will only be available in the crew-cab configuration with a short bed at this time. The same two-mode hybrid drive system is currently used in the GM full-size SUVs; GMC Yukon Hybrid, Cadillac Escalade Hybrid and Chevrolet Tahoe Hybrid. The Chevrolet Silverado Hybrid includes a fuel-management system to improve highway cruising. When on level ground or a slight downhill grade a cylinder-deactivation system cuts out four of the eight cylinders.


Future plans of GMC:

A mid-size crossover of a compact and mid-size SUV, the GMC Terrain currently offers customers a fuel efficient alternative to traditional SUVs. GMC might give the Terrain a high-end Denali version in 2012 with a design freshening in 2013. By as early as 2014 the GMC Terrain may have a hybrid version.

Yukon and GMC Yukon XL
The van gets compressed natural gas capability in the 2011 model year.

Karl Stracke, General Motors VP of global engineering, acknowledges that a Corvette hybrid is a possibility for the sports car and since competitors are going that way it wouldn’t be out of place.

Bright IDEA
GM dives into the electric delivery van market with a recent announcement of a $5 million investment and partnership with Indiana-based Bright Automotive. Capable of traveling up to 38 miles on electric power before switching to the gasoline/electric hybrid mode, the Bright IDEA will get up to 36 miles per gallon, according to Bright Automotive. 

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Hybrid Vehicles Offer Fuel-Efficiency and Low Maintenance

One of the best solutions for the growing world fuel shortage problems we are facing these days is purchasing a hybrid car. Most car makers have resorted to the design and production of hybrid cars in answer to the growing fuel crisis. And because of the ingenuity of these new inventions, they have grown in popularity.

Governments Support Hybrid Use

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Hybrids are environmentally-friendly because they emit less pollutants and emissions into the atmosphere. Some hybrid cars have the ability to lower pollution rates up to 90% as compared to conventional cars. These are only a couple of the reasons why the government supports hybrid cars. Their support can be seen in the many government tax incentives buyers are offered when purchasing a hybrid car.

Fuel-Efficient and Low Maintenance

Using a process called regenerative braking, hybrid vehicles don’t need to be plugged into an electrical outlet to charge the electric motor. While the vehicle is running with the use of the traditional internal combustion engine, the electric motor is being charged. In driving situations where the traditional gas engine is less efficient (as in slow city driving) the electric motor will take over.

While buying a hybrid is not the least expensive vehicle on the market, in the long run hybrids prove to be more economical and offer more benefits than traditional gas engine cars. Hybrid car prices are typically higher than ordinary car prices, but remember that hybrid cars have a lower depreciation rate. In addition to these numerous benefits to the owner, hybrid cars also require less maintenance. This will greatly reduce the cost and trouble of owning a hybrid vehicle.

Car Makers Offering Hybrid Models

Aside from sedans, there are also many hybrid pickup trucks and hybrid minivans currently offered by various car makers. There are many beautiful models to choose from in today’s market with the car makers fighting for your business. As hybrid vehicles gain in popularity the models offered will only continue to rise as car makers compete with each other.

Toyota Hybrids

Toyota's 3rd Generation 2010 Prius offers more luxurious technology.

The undisputed favorite in the Toyota line of hybrids is, no surprise here, the Toyota Prius found by car reviews. It has the most efficient miles-per-gallon report of all hybrids currently on the market, and the new 2010 model has even more bells and whistles than previous years. In addition to the variety of gizmos Toyota offered such as the keyless entry, rear-view camera system, and high-tech energy monitor. The 3rd Generation Toyota Prius offers, for the first time, heated seats and a moonroof. The moonroof will not inhibit the new slick-looking solar panel to provide power to the new ventilation system.

If you’re not a particular fan of the Toyota Prius, there are the Toyota Hybrid Camry and Toyota Highlander Hybrid also available.

Did you know that in 2006, the toy and game-maker Hasbro added a Toyota Prius shaped game token in the “here and now” version of Monopoly?

Honda Hybrids

The Honda Civic Hybrid's smooth lines is competition for the Toyota Prius.

Honda hybrid cars also compete strongly in the hybrid market, especially in design and fuel efficiency. The Honda Civic hybrid is the closest in comparison to the well respected Toyota Prius, but Honda also offers the Insight Hybrid in addition to a couple alternative fuel vehicles; the Civic GX Natural Gas Vehicle (NGV) and the FCX Clarity Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle.

Ford Hybrids

Ford's Escape Hybrid offers a hybrid for those who just can't stand a sedan.

With the very sleek design and competitive miles-per-gallon efficiency Ford doesn’t fail with the Ford Escape Hybrid they offer. Another hybrid option through Ford is the Fusion Hybrid, but talks of a new model to compete with the Toyota Prius might add another hybrid to Ford’s lineup.

Saturn Hybrids

“Go green without going broke” is the new slogan being touted by the Saturn hybrids. In support of this slogan, Saturn offers good quality hybrids at lower costs. Their use of “mild hybrid” technology means that they can offer some of the benefits of hybrids without having to increase their selling price all that much. Currently the two Saturn hybrid models are offered on the Saturn Aura and Saturn Vue.

Whatever hybrid model you choose, the green-technology cars are better in many ways than the traditional gasoline-guzzling cars of the past. In these times of fuel shortage and pollution of the environment being recognized as two of the foremost public issues, the use of this constantly upgrading technology promises to bring a positive contribution to car market.

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