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Ibiza Joins the Green Movement

Ibiza Joins the Green Movement

This guest post is by Shay of http://www.ibizaairport.org.

An estimated two million tourists visit Ibiza in a year. This is no surprise, since the place has long been declared as the entertainment or clubbing capital of the world. People from different corners of the globe make early reservations to beach resorts for a chance to enjoy its unspoiled and iconic beaches. However, if the locals and its guests remain irresponsible with the use of its natural resources, then the natural beauty of the island may become part of history.

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It is fortunate that the government is aware of the environmental issue of their territory. It is spreading news to guests and locals on how to enjoy an alternative lifestyle that is free from adding pollution to the world. There are various holistic holidays offered by several communities and companies for a chance to live a natural, positive, and inspiring life in this island paradise.

Ibiza Agroturism and La Casita Verde

This is one of the healthier and earth-friendly vacation alternatives for those who wish to enjoy their weekend. You will be granted opportunity to experience an authentic countryside atmosphere enough to revitalize your body from a stressful city life.

La Casita Verde is located at the village of San Jose. It is a 5.5. hectares of land that has been transformed to serve as a fully functional and modern ecological education facility committed to help spread earth friendly lifestyle to both the locals and its visitors. It is open daily and operates from two to six in the evening.

To take advantage of this opportunity, it requires a lifetime membership fee of only five (5) EURO, which will then allow you to explore its premises through its informational guided tour. You will witness and learn how you can make fresh juices and organic produce from your backyard. It offers chilled music sessions, natural and relaxing massages and therapies; while you leave your children enjoying themselves at its play area for some fun games and artwork sessions. Before leaving, be sure to indulge with their vegetarian meals, which are made from ecological products frown from the model eco-farm for only six (6) Euros.

Visit them on a Thursday and you will be granted an opportunity to help assist at the eco-farm for the day. As a prize, you will be allowed to share a communal meal with its regular workers. Just make sure, you give them a call before visiting so they can inform you of any additional requirements.

Ibiza Limpia: Beach Cleaning

Since the locals are aware that most of their revenue comes from its beaches, they see to it that it is clean and well kept. Regular beach cleaning activities are conducted by several volunteers. The most recent was performed last April 21, which involves waste removal around popular beaches and sorting for recycling. This has been a regular practice initiated by Casita Verde and is fully supported by the government

Ponder about your next Ibiza escapade. Consider an Ibiza Agroturism adventure and look forward to a weekend of eco-friendly fun and entertainment.

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