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Best Fathers Day Gifts for an Eco-Friendly Dad

6 Father’s Day Gifts for Eco-Gadget Techy Dads

There are plenty of techy gadgets available for dads who love technology, but trying to find the eco-friendly gadgets can be a challenge. After looking through the different gifts available we found six that stood out (three are dedicated to Mac lovers!) for you to get inspiration. You’ll find a power strip to stop vampire drain and even wooden radios.

Ultimate Eco-Friendly Gift Guide for Dads

Magno Wooden Radio

Handcrafted from sustainable forest resources this wooden radio ($225-$300) features AM/FM with the capability of connecting an external audio source, like mp4 players and the iPod. :: Available at Amazon

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Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Magno Wooden Radio Model 1

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Magno Wooden Radio Model 2

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Magno Wooden Radio Model 3


USB EcoStrip 2.0

This power strip is perfect for dad to charge all his eco-gadgets. The USB EcoStrip 2.0 (about $40) received the Gold Standard Award for eliminating the “vampire” drain of electronics. :: Available at EcoStrip

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Power Strip EcoStrip

From EcoStrip:EcoStrip 2.0 was presented with the “Gold Standard Award” for eliminating standby power and is widely recognized today as the best new energy saving product. EcoStrip 2.0 is an energy saving power strip with surge protection designed with corporate sustainability in mind.

Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

One of the more popular solar chargers on the market the Solio universal solar charger (about $88) works by absorbing electrical power from direct sunlight or wall socket. All dad needs to do is spread out the fan blades for maximum surface area to collect the solar energy. :: Available at Amazon

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Solio Universal Hybrid Solar Charger

Mac Related Gift Ideas

If your dad loves Apple and Mac, then why not give the gift of a Mac accessory this Father’s Day. Here are a few eco-friendly gadget gifts for the Mac lover.

Wooden Alarm Dock

Made from sustainably harvested Beech wood, this alarm dock by Areaware ($31.99) provides a dual purpose docking station for your dad’s iPhone or iPod Touch. :: Available at Amazon

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - Areware iPad Alarm Dock

SUBSTRATA wood cases for iPAD and iPAD 2

Handcrafted and sustainable, these iPAD (starting at $175) and iPAD 2 (starting at $95) wood cases offer stylish protection with exotic woods. And SUBSTRATA is all about sustainability so the exotic woods are only harvested from mature trees from sawmills that practice sustainable forestry practices. This includes several sawmills over 80 years old. :: Available at SUBSTRATA (shipping in 3-5 weeks)

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - SUBSTRATA iPAD Wood Case

i-Ecko Cardboard Speakers

Made from recycled materials and sustainable natural fibers these cardboard speakers ($13.99) are compact and easy for dad to bring on any trip. Easy to assemble and stores flat for easy portability, they are compatible with iPods, the iPhone 3G and other mp3 players. :: Available at Amazon

Fathers Day Gift - Eco Gadget - i-Ecko Cardboard Speakers

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5 Ways Going Green Can Reduce Grocery Bill

5 Ways In Which Going Green Can Actually Reduce Your Grocery Bill

This guest post is by Richard Adams of EcoLivingAdvice.com.

I have a terrible admission to make. I used to work in a supermarket. You know – those giant temples to consumerism, waste, food miles and environmental degradation? That was me. And while I no longer work there it give me an intimate view of the shopping and lifestyle decisions people make every day – and why they make them.

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One of my key discoveries was how many people would brush over the Fairtrade coffee, the free range eggs, and the organically-grown vegetables mentally labelling them as “overpriced”. Instead they’d snap up whatever bargains were going and anybody buying organic milk was seen as having more money than sense. “Why spend all that money unnecessarily?” I’d hear them ask again and again.

The fact is that being green and making environmentally-aware buying decisions doesn’t have to cost more when you look at your shopping as a whole and take into account the lifestyle changes that many of us concerned with living in tune with the planet make. Indeed by the time you’ve finished this article I hope you’ll have a better appreciation of how going green can actually save you money overall rather than putting a dent in your bank account.

Shunning Consumerism

One key trait of an environmentally-sustainable lifestyle is that we don’t buy things we don’t need. Sure, I’d love a new iPad, and there are some training shoes I would give my right arm for. But I don’t need them.

In essence the more we buy, the more we end up throwing away. We buy a new TV and suddenly we’re left with the problem of how to dispose of the old one. And the most common reaction is to send it to landfill which risks polluting the earth as well as releasing harmful gases into the atmosphere.

The fact that a green lifestyle means buying less immediately means more thoughtful, intelligent purchases and shunning those unnecessary items on which too many of us fritter away our hard-earned cash.

Reducing Waste

On the flip-side of only buying what is necessary is the environmental principle of reducing our waste. Whether that’s trying to recycle our plastic, cardboard and plastic, or finding ingenious ways to limit food waste from our kitchens it makes perfect sense that the less we throw away the less we need to buy.

Statistics suggest that on average over a quarter of the food we buy ends up getting thrown away. All those resources that have gone into producing, processing, packing and transporting that food was wasted, not to mention the money you spent on it.

By reducing what we throw away we make our weekly shopping go further and thus make considerable savings as a result.

Meat Use

5 Ways Going Green Can Reduce Grocery Bill - MeatTo many environmentalists meat is a luxury rather than a necessity. Some people shun it altogether while others limit their meat consumption but the fact is that meat – especially beef – uses a lot of resources to produce as well as creating significant amounts of greenhouse gases. Meat is also one of the most expensive parts of many people’s diet. Try working out how many vegetables you could buy in exchange for a single steak and I think you’ll see what I mean.

So by reducing your meat use you can save plenty of money on your shopping bill. Furthermore if you do decide to purchase meat you can easily spend that little extra on ethically produced, free-range and organic meat that is better for you, the environment and the animal itself and still come out in credit at the end.

Grow Your Own

If you’ve got a piece of land of any form – whether that’s a huge garden or a tiny window-box – it’s possible to grow some of your own vegetables at home. This reduces food miles as well as the use of unpleasant chemicals like pesticides and artificial fertilizers that many factory-farmed foods rely on.

When you consider how easy many vegetables are to grow, and how you can buy an entire packet of seeds for the price of a single butternut squash or a bag of tomatoes it’s easy to see that significant savings can be made on your grocery bill as a result.

A Taste Sensation

When I was a child, my mother used to take me to a local farm where we would pick our own organically-grown strawberries and sweetcorn straight from the plant. The fact we’d picked our own meant the farmer charged us less than the supermarkets did plus we had the satisfaction of picking and choosing only the ripest and sweetest produce. But this all faded in comparison to one thing – the taste!

Supermarket fruits and vegetables are designed to look uniform and to have a long shelf life so they don’t have too much waste if they guess the weather wrong. But by selecting for these elements taste has somewhat fallen by the wayside.

I challenge you this summer to pick a ripe, juicy, sweet strawberry straight from the plant and not find it incomparable to the impressive-looking but disappointingly-flavored supermarket version. Yes, going to the source either by growing it yourself or buying from farmers can save you money and transform humble fruits and vegetables into an experience worth savouring.

In Conclusion

Less unnecessary purchases. Less waste. Producing your own food or buying locally straight from the source. The list goes on and on – and all of these elements can help you to save money and help the planet.

Indeed when you save all this money it’s entirely possible to spend that little extra on the Fairtrade coffee or the free-range eggs and still spend less than you otherwise would have done; plus the warm feeling you’ll get from knowing you’re “doing your bit” as well as the incredible flavours and colors you’ll experience from your food really does make a lot of sense. All it takes is the commitment to change.

This post was contributed by a guest writer. If you’d like to guest post for Naturally Earth Friendly please check out our Become An Author page for details on how YOU can share your tips with our readers..

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Top Green Apps

Top “Green” Apps

This is a guest post by Lisa who is an avid yoga enthusiast who enjoys writing in her spare time for http://www.SatelliteTV.comIf you would like to write an article, please read How to Become an Author

In the past, environmentalists and eco-friendly enthusiasts have resorted to sheer creativity and ingenuity to help out Mother Nature. Resorting to looking for recycling centers in the phonebook or calling an operator for local information on recycling materials is a thing of the past. With increases in technology and the wide variety of apps on the market, however, doing nice things for the environment has never been easier or more convenient, even while running around town.

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So, how can technology make your eco-friendly endeavors easier? Below are three top “green” gadgets that you can download and utilize in your eco-friendly pursuits:


1. iRecycle

This app is one of the most, if not the most progressive “green” app on the market. The environmentally helpful features that iRecycle has are numerous and incredibly useful. This app can help you find a local recycling center in your hometown or even while traveling around the country or abroad. Additionally, you have the option to see what materials each recycling center will accept, so you do not have to take any materials back home with you. What’s more, the app will use your “current location,” to automatically show which recycling centers are within a close radius. Through this feature you have access to over 110,000 recycling centers and disposal locations, accepting over 240,000 types of recyclable materials, including plastic, glass, aluminum and even electronics, like cell phones and computers. Since iRecycle’s most recent update, it offers an up to date list of “green” events in your local area and even allows you the freedom to add any unlisted events that you may know of to share with other app users.

Lastly, and perhaps the most insightful aspect of iRecycle is that it provides direct access to content from Earth911.com, including “green” news, tips and hundreds of articles and stories for the eco-friendly enthusiast’s enjoyment. Best of all, the app is FREE!

2. greenMeter

Have you ever wanted to optimize your fuel economy without the headache of crunching numbers and taking note every time you stop at the gas station? Me too! In fact, greenMETER may just be your saving grace. Through an elaborate accelerometer depicted directly on your smartphone’s screen, the app measures your car’s gas usage simultaneously while you drive. This is truly a sight to see – I am still trying to figure out the technology behind it. Don’t believe me? Check out this video demonstration:

greenMeter Demo (City) from Hunter Research and Technology on Vimeo.

Also, greenMeter measures the amount of power your car produces while driving, along with the measure of carbon emissions it emits. Of course, you will have to input some rather simple details about your car, including which grade fuel you use and the current weather. All and all, using greenMeter will allow you to constantly monitor and tweak your driving in real time to ensure you get the most efficient gas millage for your car. The app costs $5.99, which is a small price to pay for the amount you will save at the gas pump.

3. GoodGuide

Perhaps, the most convenient app for eco-conscious consumers, GoodGuide reviews many common household products featured in many popular stores on their kindness to the environment, social accountability, and any potential health concerns that are associated with the product. Pretty much any item or product your can think of or find at your favorite store will be on GoodGuide – from cleaning products and personal hygiene items to packaged food/beverages and clothing items. What makes this app so convenient is that instead of looking each item up before your shopping trip, you can simply scan the barcodes of each item with your phone as your shop. Then, you will have all the environmentally conscious information, literally at your fingertips. This app is also offered FREE!

While the three previously mentioned “green” apps will not likely cure global warming in a day, they are a part of a progressive movement to help heal and ultimately save the environment from the harm that has already been done. As an eco-conscious citizen you know your role and how you can help, the aforementioned apps are provided simply to make that job easier and more convenient.

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Download and Go! Ranger Rick iPad, iPhone and iPod touch Game Apps for Kids

National Wildlife Federation just released three fun kid games available for download as apps. These are only available on the iPad, iPhone and iPod touch. 

If you have a child who loves playing with your iPhone why not download these fun nature games. Your child will learn about the different animals and their habitats.

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Hopefully their idea to get children learning about the world around them will inspire them to head outside to see the real thing. This is just in time as the weather starts to change to more comfortable outside conditions with Spring around the corner.

From National Wildlife Federation:

Ranger Rick and friends are excited to introduce our new game apps for kids (and adults!) so they can continue​ to have fun while learning about wildlife and wildlife habitats on a new delivery platform.

"National Wildlife Federation knows kids are into their electronic devices," said Mary Dalheim, Editorial Director of Children's Publications for NWF. "We want to use those devices to educate kids and stimulate curiousity about the natural world so kids can take what they have seen or learned virtually out into the real outdoors."

Ranger Rick's wildlife apps for kids
Raiders of the Lost Aardvark

​For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - Join Ranger Rick the raccoon on a wild ride through Africa in this thrilling detective game that tests your sleuthing skills. Perfect for ages 7 and up.

Download for $1.99

Click the Birdie

For iPad - ​Score points, discover cool bird facts, and have tons of fun in Ranger Rick's adventure-packed app. Perfect for ages 7 and up.

Download for $1.99

What Did Snakey Eat?

​For iPad, iPhone and iPod touch - ​Gulp! Sammy the Skunk's friend Snakey has swallowed something he shouldn't have. Match the shape in Snakey's belly! Perfect for ages 2 to 5.

Download now for $0.99

National Wildlife Federation logoRanger Rick, the raccoon mascot of the National Wildlife Federation (NWF), has been entertaining kids for over 40 years. It's nice to see NWF adapt to the times and what children today are interested in. 

By continuing to change their approach to learning about nature in a fun way, many children will be able to discover how wonderful nature is.

Do you plan on getting these apps for your kids? Let us know in the comments.

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