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Apple iPhones and iPhone Apps

Apple Shines with Green Advances and Popular Apps

As technology continues to grow around the planet consumers and companies are discovering we must be careful of their environmental impact. Many companies are changing their manufacturing techniques and designs. From their eco-friendly measures on the Apple iPhone 4 to the iPhone app developers creating green apps, Apple continues to lead the pack.

Apple Minimizes Carbon Footprint

The largest section (98%) of Apple’s carbon footprint due to the transportation, manufacturing, use, and recycling of their products. To help Apple determine where their greenhouse gas emissions were coming from they analyzed the life cycle of their products for the past three years. This allowed an accurate measure to learn how their company is impacting the environment and what they can do to offset those effects.

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Eco-Friendly Apple iPhone 4

The new Apple iPhone 4 is the latest in eco-friendly technology and design. Here are a few reasons why the new iPhone is better than ever for our planet.

  • Energy efficient power adapter and extended talk time (up to 14 hours on 2G or 7 hours on 3G)
  • No Bromine in the printed circuit boards
  • No Mercury in the LCD display
  • No Arsenic in the glass display

Exceeding ENERGY STAR Specifications

Did you know that Apple is the only company in their industry who exceeds ENERGY STAR specifications on ALL of their products?

Always looking for ways to improve their environmental impact and lowering their carbon footprint, Apple has decreased their greenhouse gas emissions per dollar of revenue by 15.4% since 2008.

The majority of the changes were made in reducing the impact of the products’ themselves. Two of the most beneficial changes affect the materials being free of toxic substances, more recyclable, and more energy efficient. This also allows Apple to use less material and ship with smaller packaging.

Even iPhone Apps Continue Apple’s Approach to Lowering Carbon Footprints

Continuing the eco-friendly aspect of Apple, iPhone app developers are creating some wonderful programs to help monitor energy and gas use, lower carbon footprints, and much more! Even the simpler apps allowing people to take notes, typed or spoken, avoids more paper waste.

Blue Whale, an iPhone app developer is one company who understands the consumers’ desire to purchase the eco-friendly Apple iPhones and iPads. Developers who concentrate in a specific market are better able to manage the needs and desires of their clients. Companies looking to build their own mobile apps for iPhone should ensure they choose a quality developer with plenty of testimonials.

Here are the top 3 green iPhone apps to get ideas:

  1. Get Green ($0.99) – Receive simple tips every day to help you go more green in your daily life. This includes tips about how to be more green with your coffee to your wedding to your car wash.
  2. MeterRead ($2.99) – Keep a closer eye on your electric meter (and electric bill) to track how much energy you are consuming.
  3. Go Organic! (free) – Handy for the traveler, the Go Organic! app helps you locate healthy meals when you are out and about. This includes the nearest organic grocery stores.

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5 Best iPhone Apps For Eco Lovers

5 Best iPhone Apps For Eco Lovers

This guest post is by Jacob Childers of geotechnical engineering.

The present times require us humans to be smarter and responsible towards the place we live in. Today we have technology that pleases us but at the same time we must look out for what we can give back to the environment. The awareness about the things and products that are eco-friendly help us a lot in giving something back to our beloved Earth.

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iPhone owners should feel happy if they are eco lovers like the most of modern day people. We say this because there are few great iPhone apps that are meant just for the people who love environment and the apps that really make you to contribute your share towards the integrity of eco-friendliness. Check out these best iPhone apps for eco lovers which are listed below:

1. Yowza

This app saves the paper and thus the cutting down of trees. Now you must be thinking that how Yowza does that? Well, it gives you the facility of the virtual coupons. So with Yowza wherever you go, you can readily show the virtual coupon to the cashier and get the price matched. This app helps you to detect nearby businesses, restaurants and much more. So it is a cool app for majority of the eco lovers.

2. Green Outlet

Green Outlet is one of the eco lovers most loved apps. This allows one to track his/her carbon footprint. Moreover with this app you can monitor your electricity bill as well. All you have to do is to select the kind and types of electronic devices that are being used by you; and with some more minimal details this app predicts your future electric bill. One more feature that would be interesting to mention here is that Green Outlet alerts you when you’ve exceeded the US government’s recommended carbon usage.

3. VeganXpress

If you are trying to go the vegan way, or make your lifestyle a vegetarian one, then this app is the must have over your Phone. It provides you with the list of food items as well as the restaurants in your locality which provide vegetarian foods. If you are confused about which food items are free from the animal products then this is the app that will help you find the one with the minimum amount of animal product in it.

4. Green Map

With about 700 locally led green projects in 55 different countries Green Map is an app that provides you with the complete scenario of the local green living sites. It also lets you know about the cultural and social resources that a particular region has.

5. NatureFind

With Nature Find you can discover botanical gardens, zoo, parks and similar green places where you can visit with ease. This is a very nice app for the travel loving souls as well.

This post was contributed by a guest writer. If you’d like to guest post for Naturally Earth Friendly please check out our Become An Author page for details on how YOU can share your tips with our readers..

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