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Earth Friendly in Marseille

Let’s go Earth Friendly in Marseille

This guest post is by Shay of www.frenchairportguide.com/mrs/.

Traveling to Marseille is so much fun, but it would be better if you share it with friends who appreciate nature as much as you do. Consider these following places and you will love Mother Earth even more.

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Green Bear

As the name implies, this restaurant serves organic cuisines, as well as French, Ovo, Lacto, and Vegan-friendly dishes. You will be thrilled with the delicious meals they have prepared for you. The menu changes regularly, so feel free to consider it your mealtime place during your entire stay at Marseille. It is open six days a week from 9:30 until 6:30 in the evening. You just need to look for an alternative restaurant during Sundays because the staff is out for their much-needed break.

The Transparent Cocoon

This may not really be in Marseille, but since you are just a few minutes away from the Provencal Village of Allauch, then why not stay at its unique and interesting accommodation. This playful transparent pop-up tent can easily be deflated and folded without leaving any harm to the environment. You can fall asleep under the sun and nature will act as your alarm clock. It has a diameter of 13 feet and a height of ten feet, which is simply perfect. Rent one and you will be thrilled to rest in its midst with a king size bed and quality furniture inside it.

Calanques National Park

This white limestone cliff with measurement of 45 kilometers is now the eighthNational ParkofFrance. It enjoys 2 million visitors each year due to its rich flora and fauna. Many enjoy exploring it by boat as they gaze upon the chinks and cracks on the limestones, which is used by some plants to take root and grow. The common plants seen in the place includes heath, pine trees, sarsaparilla, juniper trees, and ferns. You will enjoy hiking with your friends in this place to further get close with nature. Take your pick of Goudes, Callelongue, Marseilleveyre, Sormiou, Morgiou, Sugiton, and other escapades in Calanques.

Electro Solar Boat

True to the government’s commitment to help lessen burning of fossil fuel, electro solar ferryboat are now servicing tourists from all over the world. Take a ride on this ferryboat and just enjoy the fantastic view it will provide. It has an electric propulsion and set of photovoltaic cells, which pumps energy into this water vehicle. Its running cost is 40x lower than the unfriendly diesel engine, no wonder it allows passenger to get on board with only 1.5 Euro to spend for an entire day of navigation, even if the sun does not appear.

Marseille is truly a place for nature lovers. You will never be guilty of anything if you choose this as a travel destination. Enjoy your stay and let your friends know how important it is to be a vigilant guardian of Mother Earth.

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