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Wardrobe by Naomi Dean

City Style with the Space Efficiency of a Murphy Bed, Check Out this Wardrobe by Naomi Dean

Based in North London, Naomi Dean’s work focuses her design on innovative solutions for tiny living spaces while being aware of our environment. By using salvaged desktops and cabinets in the construction of new furniture, she’s redirecting waste from the landfill. This idea originated in her collaboration with Green-Works.

The Wardrobe was inspired by Dean’s passion for creating furniture that offers the user more than expected. Twisting the basic ideas of a wardrobe and finding new ways to access and store your belongings she created a very space efficient wardrobe. The door and rail pull can be pulled completely into the room on castors. The hanging rail for clothing is seen face on, instead of like traditional wardrobes. And the storage compartments are made for your smaller items. Inspired by city living, the matching bedroom set is coming soon.

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Dean also designed the Spin Table and Tiny Footprint Desk in her partnership with Green-Works, a pioneering social enterprise and environmental charity. Recognized for their contribution to sustainable development, Green-Works received the most prestigious award for business related achievement in the UK – the Queen’s Award for Enterprise and Sustainable Development. They are providing the UK with a national service in the management and recycling of industrial scale office furniture.


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