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Natural Foods to Control Belly Fat

5 Natural Foods to Control Belly Fat

This guest post is by Crystal Giannini of the bellyfatguide.blogspot.com.

Belly fat and extra flab will undoubtedly understate the way one looks and will undermine the confidence of the person.  Consumption of the right kind of foods can shed the pounds in the belly. Conversely eating the wrong kind of foods will only develop belly fat. Let’s go ahead and have a glimpse of the healthy foods that will prevent the growth of belly fat and answer your query how to lose belly fat.

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Consuming Low fat Yogurt is a good option as it has a lot of protein like other dairy products. Having these will only build muscles and not fat belly.  In general, dairy products help to maintain the waistline and yogurt in particular will lessen belly fat. A test conducted on many people in the year 2005 has proved that people who consumed yogurt shed more than eighty percent of the fat as against those who had other types of food.  A cup of yogurt every day will help one see good results. However the yoghurt must be sugar free and a low fat one.

Blueberries are another great option to reduce belly fat.  The anthocyanin content in the blueberry effectively reduces the fat around the waistline. Blueberries have a rich fiber content which means the calorie absorption will happen very efficiently when they are consumed. Also the blueberries have superior anti- oxidants quality. Anti – oxidants improve the overall metabolism of the system and this will automatically reduce the fat in the belly. Anti-oxidants also improve the flow of blood which will aid the muscles to contract thereby improving muscles. A small cup of blueberries every day would take care of the belly fat.

Oatmeal is the right and healthy food that will reduce belly fat.  As against the white rice that will augment the tendency to put on weight, whole grains will help one get rid of weight. This is mainly because they have amazing fiber content which lets one feel full without having many calories.  Also the magnesium and the chromium content in the oatmeal will control those hormones that will develop fat around the belly. Having three cups of whole grains a day will show visible results.

Green Vegetables like spinach work amazingly to trim down the fat in the belly.  The calcium content in the spinach is good and also the carotenoid content will protect against diseases like cancer.  Spinach is very rich in fiber and gives a lot of strength and burns the fat in the belly. The health benefit of consuming a cup of this green vegetable is such that not only does it fill the stomach and prevent overeating, but it also keeps the calorie intake down to the minimum.

Tuna fish has a significant amount of omega 3 fatty acid content that will aid in burning the fat around the belly. Tuna reduces hunger pangs, improves metabolism and the protein content aid in tissue building. All these make it very evident that Tuna fish is an amazing choice to reduce the belly fat and to build muscles.

Apart from all the healthy foods mentioned above, belly fat can be kept further under control by following a simple regime of stretching exercises. Combination of the right diet and appropriate exercise can be very effective in controlling belly fat. Also you need to check with your medical professional for any ailment that may be making it difficult for you to lose belly fat. Act on it today and discover the new healthier you!

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