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Organic, Hot and Spicy is What this Microbrew Gift Set is All About

If you’re searching for that unique gift for someone special, it’s all here in this beautiful bamboo carrying case. A natural fiery microbrew brittle with peanuts and chili, organic Aztec spice dark chocolate bars, and some organic dark chocolate hearts are all natural extras to the front and center Organic Chocolate Stout Beer. For less than $40 the Some Like it Hot gift set is the perfect gift for any time of year.


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Drink Local Organic Beer to Help Protect Our Planet

Drinking locally brewed beer is one of the most eco-conscience decisions you can make as a beer lover and drinking organic beer is another. So it makes sense to combine the two and drink local organic beer for the best Earth friendly beer choice. You'll be supporting breweries that choose ingredients grown without pesticides, fertilizers, insecticides and other chemicals. And by drinking locally you are minimizing the impact of transportation and delivery.

Instead of choosing an imported beer, a local draft will help reduce your beer's carbon footprint. Oil is needed to ship the beer to your local store or bar. Domestic beer travels an average of 1,000 miles between the brewery and you. Think about what an international brew will travel.

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Here is a list of organic breweries and brewing companies. Try to find one near you.

FORTUNA, CALIFORNIAEel River Brewing Company

Organic Amber Ale was America's first certified organic beer, back in 1999, and it was brewed by Eel River Brewing Company. With the distinction of being America's first certified organic brewery, Eel River crafts their organic beers with organic grains from the Pacific Northwest and Canada and organic hops from New Zealand.

In addition to creating award winning organic beer, Eel River's brewing facility is powered by a 100% renewable energy, biomass power, and the facility is located in a reclaimed redwood lumber mill.

UKIAH, CALIFORNIAButte Creek Brewing

Focusing on brewing organic beers with a focus on balance, quality and true hop flavor, Butte Creek Brewing handcrafts award winning Earth friendly organic lagers, pilsners, porters, and ales.


Bison Brewing introduced innovative ingredients such as chocolate, honey, sage, basil, coriander and cranberry to beer's primary water, malt, yeast, and hops. In addition to the Single Hop Organic IPA, India Pale Ale (IPA) and Organic Chocolate Stout sold year round you can seasonally enjoy Pumpkin Ale, Gingerbread Ale, and Honey Basil Ale for a new taste. Currently contract brewing, brewer Dan Del Grande sells Bison organic beer in 12 states (search here to find Bison organic beer near you) and is currently the leading Organic Beer brand in the United States.

SANTA CRUZ, CALIFORNIASanta Cruz Mountain Brewing

‘Think Organic, Drink Organic,' is the phrase that best describes Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing. There's a full line-up of handcrafted, microbrewed organic ales including specialty and seasonal brews.


Unfiltered and unpasteurized brews: Uncommon Brewers offers ‘Uncommon beer for uncommon people.' Designed to grow over time as they age in a cool place, this organic microbrewery uses sustainability as the foundation for their combination of West Coast innovation and tradition Belgian brewing techniques.

BOULDER, COLORADOAsher Brewing Company

While utilizing environmentally sustainable and socially responsible brewing practices, Asher Brewing Company is the first all organic brewery in Colorado.

PORTLAND, OREGONRoots Organic Brewing Company

Founded in 2005, Roots is family run and the first Certified All Organic Brewery in Oregon. Handcrafted traditional and herbal brews are made in a Pacific Northwest style featuring creative infusions of roses, juniper branches and sage.

PORTLAND, OREGONHopworks Urban Brewery

Handcrafted organic beers are brewed in a 20-barrel brewery producing only 6,000 barrels each year. They have a wide variety of brews for a newer brewery, having opened in 2008, including their wonderfully balanced Organic Hopworks IPA that won the Gold Medal 2008 World Beer Cup.


After the release of their first Certified Organic beer, award-winning Fish Tale Organic Amber Ale, Fish Brewing is currently transitioning all of their beer recipes to Organic form. Ensuring the integrity of their handcrafted brews the commitment to make sure all future beers be Certified Organic has been made.

CHICAGO, ILLINOISGoose Island Beer Company

In an effort to reduce Goose Island's environmental impact, the Green Line Project was started and the Green Line Pale Ale was created to raise awareness. In addition to learning how to increase brewhouse efficiency and reducing their carbon footprint, Goose Island will be making a donation to the Nature Conservancy's Adopt an Acre® program for every pint of Green Line Pale Ale poured.

MILWAUKEE, WISCONSINLakefront Brewery, Inc.

Starting in 1996 with their Lakefront Organic E.S.B. (extra special bitter), Lakefront Brewery was the first certified beer to be labeled in the United States. This ale is brewed using 100% organic malt and hops. Currently, the hops are imported from New Zealand, but a partnership with Wisconsin farmers to grow organic hops has been started. In addition to creating great tasting organic beers, they began making New Grist, a gluten-free beer brewed from sorghum, hops, water, rice and gluten-free yeast grown on molasses.


GRANDY, NORTH CAROLINA – Weeping Radish Eco Farm and Brewery

This craft brewer not only creates unfiltered natural beer drafts, they use refillable bottles. With traditional German beer making at the foundation, the Weeping Radish offers natural beers.


MIDDLEBURY, VERMONTWolaver's Organic Brewing

Founded in 1997, Wolaver's produces fine organic ales made with 100% organic hops and malts. They are dedicated to brewing great tasting beers, supporting sustainable agriculture, and minimizing their impact on the environment.

PORTLAND, MAINEPeak Organic Brewing Company

Dedicated to handcrafted organic ales, Peak Organic uses only the finest sustainable artisanal ingredients.


Creating innovative craft brews, Mill St. Brewery was the first to create an organic lager in Ontario in 2002. With a delicate floral aroma, the Original Organic lager is brewed with imported malt and hops that are pesticide- and herbicide-free.


A full line of acclaimed vegan organic lagers, ales and fruit beers, Samuel Smith is one of the few remaining independent breweries in England. Fermentation is done solely in stone squares.


With origins back to 1816, Pinkus-Muller is currently operated by the fifth and sixth generation of Johannes Muller and Friederika Cramer. A dedication to quality has allowed this brewery to be the world's first brewery to brew with only organically grown barley malt and whole hop blossoms.

If there is an Organic Brewery near you, please let us know so we can add it to our list.

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Samuel Smith Creates Unique Flavors Combining Organic Beer with Fruit

When it comes to organic beer, chemical pesticides and fertilizers are naturally out. Traditional farming methods in the growing of grain, hops and yeast needed to make beer are coming back to create new organic beers. Samuel Smith combines the fresh flavors of ripened fruit with their beer to produce a variety of Organic Fruit Beers. Flavors such as Strawberry, Raspberry and Cherry are surprising beer enthusiasts with complex flavors, sophisticated character and intense taste for a new organic beer experience.

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Peak Organic Brewing Welcomes Back the Peak Summer Session Beer for Hop Lovers

Celebrate the warm weather and upcoming summer with Peak Organic Brewing's Peak Summer Session. This is truly a beer for hop lovers with a crisp, dry finish. Loaded with citrusy, grapefruity flavors on the front palate, the Peak Summer Session is single hopped and dry hopped with Amarillo hops. It's brewed with local organic wheat and fermented at colder temperatures. Enjoy this refreshing organic beer while it's in season.

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Save the Planet, One Beer at a Time

Sample some of the nation's best organic beers in one location at the North American Organic Brewers Festival June 24-26, 2011. Guests can purchase a reusable, compostable cornstarch glass and tokens to taste a variety of organic beers. The tokens cost $1 and guests will receive a four-ounce taste of their choice. Hours for the festival are Friday Noon to 9 p.m., Saturday Noon to 9 p.m. and Sunday Noon to 5 p.m.

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Celebrating the numerous aspects of sustainability this annual festival will benefit The Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and the Oregon Food Bank. The emphasis is to raise awareness to the fact that conventional agricultural farming methods, such as fertilizers and chemical pesticides, are one of the leading causes of cancer. This includes leukemia, lymphoma, myeloma and Hodgkin's disease.

In addition to tasting more than 50 organic beers from 34 different breweries around the nation, there will be activities for the whole family to enjoy including live music, sustainability-oriented vendors, organic food, non-profits, a soda garden with complimentary Crater Lake Root Beer for minors and designated drivers, and a children's area with face painting and crafts. There's also an organic cider and organic kombucha.

The 2011 Festival will feature organic beers from: Eel River Brewing Co., Pike Brewing Co., New Belgium Brewing Co., Uncommon Brewers, Alpenfire Cider, Bison Organic Beers and Lucky Labrador Brew Pub.

Join the thousands of beer lovers expected at Portland's Overlook Park at the end June and sample the organic beer of your choice at the nation's most Earth friendly beer festival.

About the North American Organic Brewers Festival

The North American Organic Brewers Festival was established in 2005 by Craig Nicholls, who also founded Oregon's first certified all organic brewery, Roots Organic Brewing Co.

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Organic Beer and Gourmet Munchies – Perfect for any Monday Night Football Game

Beer, nuts, and pretzels – the perfect combination. Now that Football is back on the big screen it’s time to think about what to eat and drink while enjoying kickoff. Here are two gift sets that are great to bring to your buddies’ house or just enjoy at home by yourself. After trying the Gourmet Sour Cream and Habanero Pretzels or Organic MicroBrew Beer you might not want to share with anybody. The Beer and Munchies set (left) includes 2 large bottles of Organic MicroBrew Beer, 2 delicious flavors of Gourmet Pretzels, Pistachios, and Almonds. The Brew Box set (right) includes 1 bottle of Organic Belgian Ale, 1 bottle of Organic IPA, Gourmet White Cheddar Popcorn, Organic Toffee Cashews and Peanuts, Mixed Nuts, Gourmet Honey Mustard Pretzels and Gourmet Sour Cream and Habanero Pretzels.

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Be natural – drink naked! A Brewery with Humor and a New Creation – the Açai Berry Wheat

In the spring of 1999, Eel River Brewing Company introduced America to the first certified organic beer: ERB’s Organic Amber Ale. “We thought we were the first certified organic brewery in California,” said Ted. “Turns out were the first in America!” Since then, six more beers have joined the Organic Amber Ale on the shelves of the Eel River Brewing Company; Organic Porter, Organic Extra Pale Ale, Organic I.P.A. (India Pale Ale), Organic Ravens Eye Imperial Stout, Organic Triple Exultation, and Organic California Blonde. More recently, the Açai Berry Wheat joined the family. With organic Açai berries from Brazil, and a flavorful mix of four other organic berries, this light-bodied wheat ale has an added antioxidant boost.

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Introduce Yourself to the Wonderful World of Organic Beers and Brews with an Exclusive Organic Beer Club of the Month

Currently only shipped within California, this Organic Beer Club will send you or that someone special a six pack sampler every month. You’ll have the treat of tasting two different varieties of certified organic microbrews. Tasty and pure, these organic brews offer you only the freshest ingredients. You don’t have to worry about any toxic pesticides or herbicides taking any space in these micro-brews. And special seasonal beers will be featured depending on the time of year.


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Throw a Beer-Tasting Party and Introduce Your Friends to the Great Tastes of Organic Beer

If you’re looking to host a beer-tasting party, why not offer Organic Beer? Now trying to find a good variety of organic beer might have been a challenge a few years ago, but not anymore. And when you’re looking to buy a few good Organic beers where do you start? That’s really the question, because most of these Ales, Stouts, and Pilsners are not well known. How do you know where to search and what to buy?

A quick and simple way to set up an Organic Beer Tasting is to purchase the 10-pack sampler set from Eco Express. It’s only $31.99 and you’ll soon be sampling some of the finest organic brews from micro-breweries around the United States.

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“There are no beer experts, just beer drinkers with opinions.” – Alström Bros (Beer Advocate)

So now that you’ve bought your beer, how do you get ready for the party? First, store it in the fridge (between 45°F and 55°F) upright. Now you’ll want to take the beers out of the fridge before serving, because you don’t want it too cold or you’ll lose the beer’s true flavors. Typically the higher the alcohol content, the higher the temperature and the lower the alcohol content, the lower the temperature. For the stronger beers and dark ales, try to keep the temperature between 55°F and 60°F. For standard ales and stouts, you’ll want the temperature between 50°F and 55°F. And for the lighter beers and pilsners, the temperature should between 45°F and 50°F.

Now that it’s party time you’ll have to have plenty of glassware, and depending on the number of guests you might need to pull out the wine glasses and anything else you have on hand. Just avoid the plastic and paper cups. Most “beer experts” think you should taste the beers from light to dark, but this theory is flawed. Really you’ll want to try the beers from low alcohol levels to the higher alcohol levels, that way you avoid ruining your palette. To cleanse your palette between beers, you’ll want to have water and bread, crackers or popcorn on hand.

[Source: Beer Advocate]

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Organic Beer

Warning: If You Try Organic Beer – You Might Never Go Back to the… Other Stuff

Microbreweries across the states are going organic and it makes sense with so much public attention on all things organic. When you think about the original microbreweries and handcrafted beers of yesteryear the farmers didn’t depend on chemicals and pesticides to grow their crops. Their handcrafted ales were naturally organic because that’s how everything was grown back then. So why is it so difficult for some to imagine an organic beer? Getting back into the roots of how beers used to be made, breweries across North America are finding you don’t have to give up on quality to make a great tasting brew. Here are some of the Organic MicroBreweries worth taking a sip from, even a full pint – and some of the brews to try.

Bison Brewing – Berkeley, California
With just the right amount of malt and hops, the India Pale Ale (IPA) is well balanced and has a pronounced caramel, hoppy taste. Another great beer to try is the Chocolate Stout. With a full body, rich texture, and a definite chocolate flavor – it is very tasty. The Chocolate Stout is also the most award winning beer Bison has.

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Butte Creek Brewing – Chico, California
Brewed with premium organic malted barley and hops the Porter is classically rich and robust. This dark ale has a crisp hop start and a smooth chocolate finish. No complaints here.

Crannog Ales – Sorrento, British Columbia, Canada
Formerly known as “Black Wolfhound,” the Back Hand of God Stout is lean in body and powerful in flavor. An unbelieveable bittersweet chocolately flavor with the slightest of coffee tones. From beginning to end, this is silky and smooth.

Eel River Brewing – Fortuna, California
Certified organic, the Açai Berry Wheat is the most recent addition the Eel River Brewing lineup. After introducing this beer to the summer festivals, it was running out faster than their best seller, the India Pale Ale (IPA). It’s a light bodied wheat ale brewed with organic Açai berries from Brazil, and a flavorful mix of four other organic berries. Refreshing on a hot day, the fruity berry flavor is upfront while the wheat holds the backbone.

Fish Brewing – Olympia, Washington
Only available October to March, the Fish Tale Winterfish Seasonal Ale is full-bodied and will warm you up in the winter. After the initial burst of toffee, the citrus notes start kicking in and finally leaves you satisfied after a peach cobbler taste, but without the brown sugar presence.

Hopworks Urban Brewery – Portland, Oregon
The Hopworks Organic IPA is truly a Northwestern classic with its signature light copper color. The hops are big and citrusy in this medium-bodied ale. It’s no wonder this IPA is highly rated with its flavors of grapefruit, pine and florals mixed with a strong dry bitterness.

MateVeza – Chico, California
The earthy aroma of this interesting beer is full of spices and small hints of roots and light grain. Overall this beer is a smooth and easy to drink. A slight hint of smokiness presents itself towards the finish while the mild fruitiness adds to the overall flavor.

Nelson Brewing Company – Nelson, British Columbia, Canada
Unquestionably rich and silky, the pitch black Blackheart Oatmeal Stout has the comforting aroma of semi-sweet chocolate chips, cookie dough, and a bit of vanilla. Some coffee and oatmeal flavors peak through after the strong roasted malt and barley subsides.

Peak Brewing – Portland, Maine
Toasty with a hint of brown sugar, the Peak Organic Nut Brown Ale has a distinctive nuttiness with the sweetness of honey, maple and caramel. The typical coffee accent usually found in brown ales is casually mild and doesn’t deter from the overall beer. Then there’s the Organic Espresso Amber Ale that tastes more like something you can get at the local coffee shop than brewery. It’s full of coffee and espresso flavors with a mixture of burnt caramel flavors. This ale is full-bodied and sweet.

Santa Cruz Mountain Brewing – Santa Cruz, California
Dominated by the fragrance of berries, tart and sweet, the Olallieberry Cream Ale offers an unrelenting sweetness. The presence of the Olallieberry is hard to see unless you hold your beer to the light. Then the purple berry’s existence makes itself known with a slight pinkness. The only sad news is that it’s not being bottled yet, so if you want to try it you better head to the Santa Cruz Mountain Brewery in Santa Cruz, California to sample it.

Wolaver’s Organic Ales – Middlebury, Vermont
A seasonal ale with a great wheat flavor and mellow sign of citrus zest, the Ben Gleason’s White Ale is a salute to local organic wheat grower Ben Gleason. You’ll also find hints of spices such as pepper, coriander, and clove. This golden ale will quench your summer thirst.

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