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Rotary Mechanical Cell Phone - Front

21-Year-Old Design Student Creates World’s Best Looking, Most Impractical Cell Phone

Vintage looks and modern technology combine beautifully in the Rotary Mechanical cell phone prototype. Created by 21-year-old design student Richard Clarkson, the prototype is a modular concept of what a Steampunk mobile phone might look like.

“There must be a balance between the physical and the digital,” Clarkson says. “Hopefully this will make people think about where that balance should be.”

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Instead of replacing your cell phone it’s meant to grow and adapt to new technology. Each piece is replaceable. This helps make the Rotary Mechanical cell phone more sustainable in its design.

Another interesting aspect of this prototype is the interchangeable dials, including brass dials, a button dial, and a true rotary dial.

Departures magazine even listed it as one of their Next-Gen Travel Gadgets:

Produced on a 3-D resin printer, the Rotary Mechanical cell phone’s plastic core was electroplated with copper, then painted. The electronics, including the screen on the back, were culled from a Samsung Envy phone.

Rotary Mechanical Cell Phone

Rotary Mechanical Cell Phone - Front

Rotary Mechanical Cell Phone - Back

Rotary Mechanical Cell Phone - Parts

Rotary Mechanical Cell Phone - Four Colors

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