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Samsung Galaxy S III Solar-Powered Charger

Samsung Galaxy S III Solar-Powered Charger Coming Soon

Announced on August 13, 2012, Ascent Solar Technologies Inc. is launching a solar-powered charging case for the popular Samsung Galaxy S III smart phone. Following the successful launch of the EnerPlex for the iPhone 4S Ascent Solar now will have a solar charger for two of the most popular cell phones on the market.

Although the Samsung EnerPlex case will not debut in the United States until later this year, it is expected to launch in time for the holiday shopping season this year. It will first debut in South Korea this October.

“The EnerPlex charger is the only protective case for the Samsung Galaxy S III which leverages the lightweight qualities and superior aesthetics of our CIGS solar technology. It will extend the usage time of the Galaxy S III while preserving the high level of design quality that consumers demand. Samsung customers can now incorporate transformational solar technology into their everyday life, improving the performance of their smartphone without compromising style,” Ascent Solar President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Victor Lee said.

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The solar cells have been incorporated into the Galaxy S III cell phone case with a very thin battery to harness the solar energy. As the phone is already known for being extremely light Solar Technologies says the charger will add little additional weight and the battery life will be increased significantly.

More about Ascent Solar Technologies

Innovative leaders in the solar energy sector with photovoltaic products, Ascent Solar Technologies is the manufacturing pioneer of flexible thin-film solar panels. Lightweight and extremely durable Ascent Solar is bringing solar power into our everyday life.

CIGS photovoltaic technology

Leading-edge CIGS photovoltaic technology on flexible, plastic substrate.

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