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California is the Biggest Emerging Green State in the US

California is the Biggest Emerging Green State in the US

This was written by Richard Orban on behalf of Freedom Solar Power.

For the third consecutive year, California has emerged to be the top clean energy state in the United States. The state dominated the 2012 State Clean Energy Index as it continues to lead the country in establishing testing grounds for all kinds of clean energy solutions. California has taken the initiative to introduce clean energy and has installed various programs, which include: solar power, hybrid and electric vehicles and wind power.

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Sun power, a solar panel maker, recently announced that it plans to build a 100 MW solar panel farm in California, which is expected to provide power to 36,000 homes once construction on it is completed by 2016. California’s state mandate has made it compulsory for its investor-owned utilities to have 33% of their electricity generated by renewable energy. This has led to California utilities to embark on more of these solar power projects to meet the standard required as per the state mandate.

The California-based clean energy deployments have attracted over $9 billion in investments in the last three years, and this is one of the main reasons California is the biggest emerging clean state in the US. The investments attracted by the various projects deployed by investor-owned utilities have increasingly provided clean energy for California residents. The success of the clean energy advances made by California has enabled the green economy to grow in the United States and has enabled the state to make great progress in providing clean tech.

California has a long history in supporting renewable energy, and in the last three years over 11% of its electricity came from renewable sources, such as wind and solar power. The introduced of the Energy Commission’s Renewable Energy Program provided further incentive for the deployment of renewable energy systems and also aimed at teaching the public about the benefits of renewable energy.

The results indicated by the 2012 State Clean Energy Index clearly indicate that California is miles ahead of the rest of the states in the United States and that is largely due to its firm focus in establishing green energy deployments. California’s success in generating renewable energy to power thousands of homes provides a high level of national support for the use of clean-energy technology in the United States.

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Green Deal

Green Deal: Let’s Save our Lovely Planet

This was written by Nadine Ryan of I Say! Digital.

The advent of new technologies has made life so easy for us through the creation of items and tools used on a daily basis such as washing machine, TV, fridge and so on. But it also has its side effects as it causes us to use more and more energy, which is definitely not good for our lovely planet. But, there are many simple things we can do to reduce our energy consumption and help conserving our beautiful planet.

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United We Stand!

When it comes to our planet we should all feel concerned and conserving it for future generations should be the issue of everybody. In fact, when some people hear about ecology they think about a bunch of boring people who want to save the planet. But don’t forget that those ‘ boring‘ people are not only trying to save it for their own interest but also for the rest of people who live in the planet.  And you don’t necessarily need to participate in green demonstrations to show that you care. In fact, you can simply try to lead an Eco-friendly life by doing very simple things such as using recycled items and consuming less energy.

Image: Porter SIPs on Flickr

Simple Things to Do

If you’re wondering what else you can do to help conserving our planet so that future generations can enjoy it as well, here is a non-exhaustive list of simple Eco-friendly things you can do.

  • Stop using plastic bags: In fact plastic bags have a quite devastating effect on the environment so the less we use them the better.

Image: Zainub on Flickr

  • Use energy efficient materials: When you go shopping try to buy only energy efficient products, because people are becoming more and more aware of ecological issues and this pushes companies to invest in the Eco-friendly market. In fact, this has a big impact on companies as most of them try to comply with their customers’ buying preferences  by making more and more energy efficient items.
  • Solid Wall Insulation: It’s really important to know that almost all the houses built before the 1990’s don’t have wall insulation, which means that in winter you have to heat your house all the time in order to keep it warm, so if your house was built before the 90’s you can call professionals to install solid wall insulation to your home. This will be beneficial not only for the planet but also for your wallet. In fact having solid wall insulation will help keeping the warm air inside your house and therefore you won’t need to heat your house all the time, which will help you save money.
  • Installation of solar panels: If you can afford the installation of solar panels don’t hesitate to get some as this will also help you save money while consuming less energy.  You can also encourage people you know to do the same,and the best way of doing this is by telling them how doing all those Eco-friendly things helps you save money.

Green Deal providers

If you want to know the level of pollution of your house you can contact green deal providers to come and check your house freely. They will also provide you with considerable advice on how you can increase the value of your house by turning it into an Eco-friendly home. In fact, nowadays buyers are actively looking for energy efficient homes, therefore if you turn your house into an Eco-friendly home it’s will have greater value in the market.

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Why Should I Get Solar Panels

Why Should I Get Solar Panels?

This was written by Mathias Aarre Maehlum of Energy Informative.

In this article we are taking a look at the most important factors to determine whether or not solar power is going to be affordable in your particular situation. Let’s first look at the most important reasons for why you should invest in solar:

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Lower Your Carbon Footprint

We all know that we face a major challenge here on Earth – We need to stop pumping out carbon dioxide and other climate gases into our atmosphere. A part of this is to stop our dependence on oil, gas, coal and other non-renewable and polluting energy sources.

By purchasing solar panels for your home, whether it is to cover small parts of your energy consumption or to disconnect from the electrical power grid altogether, you are making a difference.

Insolation – How Much Sunlight is Available?

Insolation is a word used to describe the amount of sunlight that is available in a certain location. The higher this value is, the more electricity you can generate.

Beware that insolation and heat levels go hand in hand, meaning that some places might require specific types of solar panels that are more resistant to high temperatures.

Most people place too much emphasis on solar insolation. Is it really that important to have access to a lot of sunlight if I want to invest in residential solar power? The most important factor when it comes to whether or not solar is a viable solution for you are the following:

Financial Rebates

Germany is good example of a place where the government has put in place subsidies for people that invest in solar systems, allowing the industry to flourish. As much as 25,000 MW of the world’s total solar power output is generated in Germany.

Net Metering

Net metering/feed-in tariff schemes allow homeowners to send the surplus electricity generated by their solar panels (that would otherwise go to waste or to a quite inefficient and expensive battery system) to the utility power grid. The grid is many ways a massive battery where energy is stored in terms of the power meter going in the negative direction. Net metering and FIT-schemes are the two main determining factors for whether solar power is going to be good decision.

Go to The National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) to find out what financial models are put in place where you live.

UK introduced a feed-in tariff scheme almost two years ago, which has lead to solar power in this country growing by a factor of 41. This is a country where the amount of annual solar insolation is far from ideal, but financial incentives from the government pushes the growth forward.

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Solar PV

Solar PV Still A Good Investment Despite Feed-In-Tariff Reductions

This guest post is by Simon Colley of http://www.renewablesguide.co.uk.

Solar photovoltaic systems better known as Solar PV are still proving to be a sound investment despite the latest round of cuts to the solar feed-in-tariff.

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Solar panel electricity systems have excellent green credentials; capturing the sun’s energy using photovoltaic cells doesn’t emit any CO2 making it an incredibly environmentally friendly technology.

For those home owners who are thinking about installing a renewable technology to generate electricity, but are yet to do so, should not discount solar pv systems. Despite some of the negative press that has been published in recent months as a result of reductions the Government has made to the solar feed-in-tariff, home owners should not be put off installing solar pv systems as a way to generate electricity.

The latest round of cuts is a natural progression of the feed-in-tariff scheme which is not exclusive to the UK. Any subsidy scheme needs to be sustainable over the period of time it runs and therefore reductions in tariffs are common place. However, the justification for the reductions is the significantly lower investment costs to get the technology installed and up and running, meaning that in the long term there are still financial benefits for businesses and home owners.

As recently reported by Solar Guide, even in the last 12 months the cost to install a solar PV system has fallen considerably. Take a 4kWp system, today the cost to install this type of system typically ranges between £7,000 and £8,000, compared to one year ago when it would have cost approximately £13,000. While the feed-in-tariff rates have fallen it’s savings like this which still makes investing in solar energy worthwhile as fantastic returns can still be gained.

The benefits of using solar pv systems to generate electricity continue to impress and prove a great return on investment opportunity. Home owners and businesses opting to install solar technology can dramatically reduce their electricity bills and significantly reduce their carbon footprint – a typical home using a solar pv system can save over 1 tonne of CO2 per year according to the Energy Saving Trust. There is also the payments that can be earned by installing an eligible system through the solar feed-in-tariff, which currently stand at 16p/kWh, plus there’s the opportunity to earn more if you produce more electricity than you need as you can export it back to the national grid at a rate of 4.5p/kWh.

When you see reductions in the solar feed-in-tariff plummet from 43.3p to 21p, which is what it was up until December 2011, and from 01 August it’s dropped further to 16p, it’s no wonder the initial reaction has been alarming, but once you dig a little deeper there is proof that there are still great returns for those wishing to start producing their own renewable energy using solar technology.

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Renewable Energy

Is It Possible to UNPLUG Your House from Your Electrical Company and Run Off 100% Renewable Energy?

According to Ben Ford, owner of the popular website Home Made Energy, the answer is yes!

Why most people struggle

According to Ben, there’s a reason why so many people struggle with electricity bills despite so much help being offered to them today…

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“The fact is that most people don’t know about the benefits of generating renewable energy themselves,” Ben tells us. “They also don’t know how easy it is to do this.”

How Ben conquered home made energy with a unique approach

“I’ve made countless tests for the most effective methods for producing heaps of energy,” Ben tells us. “Choose between two types of electricity generators, solar-based or wind-based. And this doesn’t mean you need to build one or another. You can easily build both systems and generate even more energy.”

Ben focuses on the unique approach of unplugging your house from your electrical company, knowing that you are fully powered by renewable energy.

Was it worth it?

“I wiped out my electric bill in less than 30 days, broke free from the electric company’s slavery, and humiliated some Big Energy fat cats by getting them to actually pay me for electricity.”

And Ben is not alone. There are many success stories from using Home Made Energy that should, at the very least, inspire you to give it a try too.

What others are saying…

“I made my first solar panel this weekend and I wanted to let you know it’s awesome.” – Terry Rains

“ Using the HomeMadeEnergy guide me and my son have built our own wind mill.” – Jason Hutto

“After reading your book I’ve decided to go with the solar system.” – Gerald Robinson

To learn more about Ben’s solution, and his story, visit Home Made Energy.

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Build Your Own Solar Panel

Build Your Own Solar Panel

Global warming is changing the planet with temperatures rising all around the world. As this continues and the prices of energy continue to rise people are looking for more affordable ways to get energy. More and more homeowners are realizing that energy resources are not as renewable when you use traditional sources. That’s why so many are learning that it is possible to build your own solar panel.

Build Your Own Solar Panel

Solar panels are typically reserved for homeowners with more spendable income. They are not cheap and without the right financial resources it limits the number of houses that will be able to use this technology. It can cost thousands of dollars to have a professional install a solar energy system for your house. That’s a reason why so many are looking to do it themselves.

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Completely Build Your Own Solar Panel Or Get A Kit?

While it is possible for people to build their own solar panels, they are not as large as needed to produce the wattage necessary for your entire house. So if you are planning to build your own solar panel it’s recommended that you get a solar panel kit. They are more affordable than hiring the professionals, but more effective than building one from scratch. They will come with everything you need to successfully build your own solar panel in your garage. Even larger, well-known, companies like GE are producing solar panel kits for homeowners. They are realizing that homeowners want affordable solutions to get energy. This is making it easier to find a kit.

With the instructions provided you’ll have build your own solar panel in no time. If you want to venture into the process of making your own solar panel there are many guides available to walk you through the process. Why not get the entire family together and everyone can learn exactly how you collect solar power and turn it into electricity. Be sure to find a guide that is easy to follow and detailed when you begin to build your own solar panel.

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