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Reduce Electric Bills Using Solar Shading Solutions

Reduce Electric Bills Using Solar Shading Solutions

This guest post is by Dan Joleys.

Whilst high levels of insulation, double glazed windows and doors and a thermostatically controlled heating system will all contribute to reducing energy bills during the winter months, homeowners often overlook the simple fact that adding solar shading to sunny windows and door, significant saving can be made during the summer months by reducing the amount of electricity that is required to power air conditioning units within the home.

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With most of us expecting higher energy bills during the colder winter months as we keep our homes and workspaces warm, modern construction techniques recognise the fact that the reverse is true during the summer and that heat must be properly prevented from entering the building in order to keep the space a comfortable and consistent temperature.

For many years homes were built with inadequate levels of insulation, therefore creating a living space that would remain cold during the winter moths and get hot during the hot summers. Whilst modern techniques of building homes with thermally efficient materials is all good and well for new build properties, there are millions of homes constructed from more traditional materials that will benefit from every little bit of cost saving possible.

One often overlooked fact of homes is the effect of solar gain. This is the effect of the build up of heat that is stored within materials and whilst creating a little ambient heat that is released back into the living space as the elements cool can be welcomed in winter, the opposite is true in the summer. Whilst the simple solution to this may be to simply switch on the air conditioning to cool the space down, prolonged use can lead to extremely high electricity bills.

To reduce the amount of time the air conditioning is in use, an appropriately positioned solar shading solution such as sun awnings  will shield the sun`s rays from being able to shine directly into the home through the glass thereby reducing the amount of heat that is able to enter the home through windows.

Whilst other forms of window shading available such as insulated roller shutters, many of them often detract from the overall look of the building or are only suitable for commercial applications because of the associated costs.

Compare this to an affordably priced sun awning, that when full extended to create high levels of shade, the fabric can actually add to the aesthetic look of the home by creating a real design statement. Additionally, when they are not in use will retract away into a slim and compact housing unit that sits discreetly above the window.

Finally, when installed over a doorway to the garden, many homeowners also prefer to install patio awnings as they can create valuable additional living space outside of the home. With many people enjoying time outdoors but lack natural shade, the provision of such an awning system will encourage the use of the garden more often, leading to less time will be spent indoors being reliant on the use of the expensive to run air conditioning units that eat so much electricity.

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