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Tesla Motors’ Alpha Hits the Road

Tesla Motors' begins its Apha testing phase for the Model S. Having begun in 2010, this is the first of two vehicle testing phases. Extensive tests will take place in the coming months in all climates. Built from the ground as an EV, Electric Vehicle, the Model S was designed for stability and handling, performance, range, crash safety and superior aerodynamics. As each Tesla Model S Alpha is built, the driving dynamics will continue to improve and evolve. Check out the Alpha driving in California below.

The first Alpha is amazingly agile for a car of its size. It has great handling balance and poised ride with communicative steering. Just goes to show what combining a low center of gravity with a very stiff body structure can achieve.

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- Graham Sutherland, Tesla Vehicle Dynamist


Model S Alpha Hits the Road from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.


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