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Airstream is Making it Easier Than Ever to Camp without the Hassle of Buying an Airstream Trailer

For nearly 80 years, Airstream trailers are still as super-stylish and environmentally friendly as ever. Nearly 70% of all Airstream trailers ever produced are still on the road and avoiding the landfills. Airstream trailers are definitely built to last. Airstream has teamed with KOA campsites to make camping easier. Brand-new and stationary Airstream silver bullets can be rented without the hassle of buying or towing your own. The first two KOA campsites with these available are in Las Vegas, Nevada and Florida’s Sugarloaf Key.


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The newest eco-modular home. What is it? A cottage? A Trailer? A Home? or an RV?

I was hoping that title caught your eye, because the MiniHome by Northlander Industries caught mine. Isn't it cute? I'm going to talk all about my favorite model MiniHome, the MiniHome Solo SE 2008. Now, what is it exactly? Technically speaking, it's classed as an RV, or recreational vehicle. There are wheels, but it's a 'travel trailer' under CSA-Z240RV. So it's meant to be built on a permanent steel frame with three axles – on wheels. The 5 models were built to be a ski chalet, cottage, vacation retruit, guest cabin – you get my point. Now that that's out of the way, we can talk about the fun stuff.

It is being built in Canada for year round living. Because of it's small stature and construction it can be heated and cooled quickly. It's a small building. Naturally it's going to be more environmentally friendly and have several advantages over the traditional stick houses. It needs less resources and less energy to build it – which in turn will also need less energy to operate and maintain it. 

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The Solo SE, being modular, will also keep construction waste and shipping costs at a minimum. Stictly compared to a conventional home – the MiniHome uses 1/10th the water, fuel and materials, and 1/100th the electrical energy. And if that doesn't blow you away, there are the more usual "green" features such as a hybrid solar/wind/propane energy system, sustainable materials, LED lighting, rainwater collection and too much else to name. So what am I trying to say? Simply, at under $200,000 it's worth a look if you have some land and are looking for an eco-friendly modular home of your very own.

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