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Naturally Earth Friendly on YouTube

Check Out Our First Video On YouTube

We just created our YouTube Channel, NaturalEarthFriendly (NaturallyEarthFriendly was too long). Anyways, you can check it out below as well. It’s a quick video, less than 1 minute, and we’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments. :)

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Tragic Irony Blends a Beautiful “Somewhere Over the Rainbow” Rendition with Heartbreaking Images of the BP Gulf Oil Spill

If you haven’t had the opportunity to watch this video compiled by the Environmental Defense Fund, you need to. It combines the “horrific images of gooey peanut-butter colored oil, blackened wetlands, oil-soaked dolphins and brown pelicans” with the “slow, soulful, ukulele and guitar-driven version of the classic ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow’” from the Season Finale of Glee. Thanks to David Yarnold, Executive Director of the Environmental Defense Fund (EDF), for this moving message.

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Vote for your favorite Fight Global Warming ad.

FightGlobalWarming.com is letting us vote for our favorite ad. Watch the ads below and vote for your favorite. Personally I liked the tick, tick, tick one. That is until I saw the man move out of the train's way. Wow, that made me skip a breath.

Click here to vote for your favorite.

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