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Roadmonkey Combines a 270-mile Bicycling Adventure with the Volunteer Opportunity of Building a Children’s Playground

Help build a children’s playground after completing a 270-mile Central Highlands cycling adventure in picturesque Vietnam. For more information on the Roadmonkey Vietnam Expedition 2010, click here.

Roadmonkey's Vietnam Expedition 2010
Roadmonkey’s Vietnam Expedition 2010 combines the adventure of bicycling the rolling and picturesque Central Highlands of Vietnam with humanitarian efforts in building a playground that’s sure to bring many smiles to the local children and their families. The expedition begins Sunday, October 24 and concludes Sunday, November 7.
The expedition costs is $3,200 per person and doesn’t include international air transportation and visa, and not including the relatively inexpensive domestic flight from Dalat to Rach Gia (not expected to cost more than $130).
The cost includes all but a few meals – when expedition members are on their own for a half-day or day to explore a city or town – and includes all lodging at clean basic hotels while farther in the Central Highlands where most foreigners do not travel. The first and last nights of your journey will provide a soft landing in a single room in a superior hotel. Healthy, fresh and delicious food awaits expedition members if you are willing to try eating as close to local as possible.
Beginning in the southern coastal city of Nha Trang and heading towards the Central Highlands the cycling route will then take you throuh lush, serene valleys, over a few challenging mountain passes, to a Vietnamese retreat in cooler climates. Each day of cycling along this 9-day expedition will bring varied challenges through the rugged and lesser-seen regions of Vietnam’s breadbasket. This route will allow every expedition member the opportunity to meet, talk with and hopefully share a meal or two with members of these minority communities.
After completing your cycling adventure, expedition members will fly  from Dalat through Ho Chi Minh City (the official name of Saigon) to Rach Gia in Vietnam’s Mekong Delta. This is where the Roadmonkey Expedition Vietnam 2010 begins a 4-day volunteer project. For several hours a day in the Delta’s steamy subtropical climate you’ll help build the first-ever playground for children from an impoverished and severly disenfranchised ethnic Khmer community in the Mekong Delta. Using localy available materials such as wood, rope, bolts, rubber, joists, and chain members will work with the local community. In coordination with the Catalyst Foundation – Roadmonkey’s non-profit partner for this expedition – will surely bring a lasting bit of joy, human connection and social interaction to the kids and their families.

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